Reassurance 29/09/2007

Sebille worried. Could they ever move forward from this point or should this be broken off. It wasn't that she wasn't happy with what they had but.. it would be pointless if there was no future for them.

Should she just give up and go back  to her life without men. She'd given up on them for so long, too, so it shouldn't be very hard to do again.

"What are you doing here?"

Stupid question. He always came outside to be in peace.

"It's really chilly in here, you know..."

He turned towards her and spared her just one glance before turning back.

"It's because you're not wearing much."


My, that would've been rather rude, if it was anyone else saying that.

From Null, it was merely an observation and she was rather excited that he said it out loud. Besides... Sebille loved his voice.

She let out a small laugh.

She walked to him and sat down by him, still worrying about what she had been thinking about earlier.

Wondering how to ask him.

She was afraid that someday he'd be gone. He'd either leave, or be taken away and she didn't want that. Because of that, she wasn't sure if she should let herself get comfortable with him.

"Say..." she turned her head towards him. He didn't look back down at her, though.

"Am I stupid and completely delusional for hoping that we could ever become something more than... whatever we are now?"

She had no idea what they actually were. Lovers? Maybe not quite

She looked at him and waited for a response. Moments passed and there was no answer and no reaction.

" ..."

She was slowly getting a little nervous. If he couldn't do this, it would be over.

Just as she was about to turn away, dissappointed...

...he turned his head.

 "No... You're not."

A huge weight was lifted off of her heart. He'd be able to... try to commit...?

"You don't lie... right? You only speak the truth or you don't speak at all... right?"

You won't hurt me?

She couldn't say the last words out loud.

" ..."

Mm, he indeed didn't lie, he had no reason to.

She wanted to say 'thank you'... but she couldn't do that either.

She did, however, have a terrible urge to kiss him. And she would... in just a minute.

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