Some space 03/10/2007

Several days had passed since Sebille's question. She hadn't really seen Null since. Not because she was busy, as she hadn't been. And not because he wasn't available, as he had been.

No... She had wanted to give him some space and she had also wanted to check something. She was afraid she was suffocating him with her constant presence. Always looking for him when she had free time... which lately, she'd had plenty of. She wanted to see what she was to him, as well.

Hmm--mm. She smiled.

Just a few days... and he was the one to come to her, eh?

" ..."

"Hi, the weather's great, isn't it?" She smiled.

It was. This was her favorite season and this kind of warm-ish and dry weather was the best part of it.

" ..."

He looked like he wanted to say something. He seemed confused by her behaviour, her sudden lack of interest in him.

"Hmm... maybe I should go for a walk sometime today..."


That had surprised her, not by much, but surprised anyway.

Wasn't he impulsive today... Was it all just because she hadn't gone to him for a few days?

"Why do you avoid me?"

There it was.

"I... haven't been avoiding you."
"I just haven't looked for you and our paths haven't crossed." She smiled again.

"There's a difference. And as you can see... nothing stops you from coming to me."
" ..."

He still seemed confused but just a little relieved.

"Really, I should go for a walk since the weather is great... Would you care to join me?"

" ..."

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