Vanished 04/10/2007

Sebille was rushing towards the house. She had a horrible gut feeling that Null had left. She just suddenly got it at work and she'd had it all day. The bus drive back had been awful and she had ran the whole way from the stop to the house.

She was sure Null would be gone when she'd arrive, she just knew it. Out of breath, she finally reached the front door.

Not bothering to remove her shoes, she headed towards the living room, it would be the shortest way to his room. She was expecting it to be empty and lacking the warmth it had, and she had to see it with her own eyes before she could fully believe it.

She rushed in, leaving the clatter of her heels echoing through the hallway.

She came to a halt -not quite making it all the way to his room.


No way!

She'd rushed in and caught him looking straight back at her with those calm silvery eyes of his.

Out of breath, all she managed was: "You're... here.... you're really here...?"

He looked back at her, raising his eyerbrows in the slightest, a silent question leaving him.

She dropped down to her knees, feeling utterly bewildered and rather dumb. Her breathing was heavy.

"I... I was sure you'd be... gone when I... got here."

The immediate panic had left her and relief washed over but she certainly wasn't feeling too good, either.

"I... what...?"

Without saying a word, Null got up.

He stood in front of her, as if he was looking down on her. He should, because she was being stupid.

But he sat down, on the cold stone floor and looked at her.

"You're not... leaving?"
"I'm not going anywhere."

Great, now on top of everything, she'd become all paranoid... and without any proper reason, too.

"Then... why did I feel like that?"

" ..."

"Why am I being paranoid for nothing?"

"Please... tell me why."

He didn't asnwer, just looked at her. She knew she didn't have any reason to feel like she did but still, she couldn't exactly help it. She'd learned to trust her hunches so this was... most confusing.

"Why won't you leave? And why do you have the patience to deal with me...? Because I'm seriously starting to think I should be on medication... or something, because of the way I act... And--"


She raised her head to look up at him.

She was sick of herself and wondered how he wasn't. Where had all her cheerfulness gone? Because she certainly wasn't like this before.

"Haha... Now I'm being all ridiculous again. Having these hunches for no reason whatsoever..."
" ..."

She felt her eyes tearing up slightly.

"... I'm not going anywhere." He repeated with his deep, low voice.

"Mm... I know..."

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