Tested 06/10/2007

After much effort, Sebille had managed to calm herself. She still didn't understand why she'd had that hunch the other day and why it had been that strong but... it was behind her now.
Maybe it was just her fears acting up, she hoped it was just that and had convinced herself that it had to be so.

He turned his head in her direction and half-buried his nose into her hair.

Hmm? She felt as if he had something to say.

His fingers brushed her shoulder. Strangely, he was rather warm, although the air was chilly and her own hands we're cold in comparison.

"What are you up to?"

She smiled a little as his fingers moved along her collarbone, brushing softly her slightly cold skin.

When his fingers reached her neck, he paused for a second and then continued the slow, smooth motion up her neck.

She wasn't scared. His fingers had met her neck before but the situation had been completely different. She remembered how they'd wrapped around her neck and how she'd had trouble getting air, but this time there was nothing to indicate that it would happen again. The feeling was... pleasant even.

His touch was merely... curious.

"..Really, what?"
She was smiling a little more now.

" ..."

No answer. It was as if he was somewhere else, he was clearly absorbed in... whatever he was thinking of.

She moved apart just a bit, so that she was able to see his full face.

What was he up to? She was smiling to herself.
This could be good.

With his hand on her skin, he leaned forward, still in his thoughts. She didn't know what to expect and the wait was making her impatient, and his touch even more so.

She jumped backwards -properly, this time.

"Tell me what you're up to, really."

She was smiling and there was a sort of amusement in her tone.


Well, this was much better.


He wasn't being exactly forceful. The movement was caused by a soft push and his hand was behind her to pillow her landing on the porch.

"You do know what we're in public and that there are a lot of kids in the area... right..?"

Like he'd care.


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