Rest 20/10/2007

Sebille tried to do some reading  -studying, but she was too distracted to concentrate properly.

And there he was; the source of her discomfort.


Ever since he had gotten a phone call a few days back, he'd been on edge.


"Null... you haven't slept in three days..."

He had only rested his eyes, but not slept. It was rare enough for him to sleep properly under normal conditions but now... His normal four -maybe five hour sleep had been reduced to zero.

She knew this because she'd been observing him quite closely during the past months. It was the only way she could ever get to know him.

"It doesn't matter"

She sighed.

"It does matter. Your body can't keep up with the pace your going."

"Do you trust me?"

He turned to look at her.

" ..."

No answer? Well, she hadn't really expected one, anyway.

"Null, your body and your mind need rest."

"If you trust me... get some sleep."

She really hoped he would, and not only because he needed rest.

"You don't have to be strong all the time... Not with me."

She was keeping her voice calm and hoping that it would soothe him out... or something.

"I'm here and I'll wake you if something happens."

Though, she had no idea what it was that could happen.

At least he was calm today. She didn't really want an argument


She couldn't quite believe it. He had fallen asleep, really asleep -not just the way he rested his eyes.

He really trusted her?

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