Offer 26/10/2007


"What are you doing?"

He'd stood up and started taking off his shirt.


She'd been shivering for the whole evening, as it had been colder than normally. She definitely hadn't expected Null to turn into a gentleman and give his shirt to her, though. She wasn't sure why, though, as it was very much like him. Then again, a few months back she certainly wouldn't have thought this possible.

She had learned to know him much better, it happened slowly but she wasn't in a hurry.

"Well, aren't you considerate tonight." She smiled

She was feeling calm and leaned herself against him -in her usual way.

She loved his habit of sliding his arm behind her back and setting his hand either on her waist or head. He'd actually been doing that for almost as long as she remembered.

After a moment's silence he spoke:
"I have nothing to offer you..."

He sounded remorseful and a tad sad.

Nothing, huh... He certainly didn't think like she did. If he had nothing to offer, what would she have? Even less than nothing.

"Can you offer yourself?"

There was a pause, the same kind of pause there always was before his answers. He turned his head away slightly, in the same way he normally did before answering.


She smiled again.
"That's all I need."

If he counted himself, he had tons to offer. Even if all of it wasn't that anodyne.

He intrigued her and brought a little life to her otherwise very dull life. She enjoyed it, even if there were risks.


This had turned out to be a very pleasant evening.

...For Sebille anyway.

"I hope that wasn't entirely too unpleasant..."

She knew it hadn't been, he wouldn't let her kiss him if he didn't like it... nor do anything else she normally did. He was one to clearly show it if something didn't suit him.

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