Crisp and clear 04/11/2007

There he was.

Sebille had heard him leave some time earlier and after she'd finished her snack, she decided to join him. She never knew when he'd truly want to be alone but... it couldn't hurt to say hi, right?

The weather was crisp and she was quite sure they'd get snow soon.

For a moment she wished she'd brought gloves or mittens with her. Her fingers would be completely frozen when she got back inside now.

"Hey... Mind if I join you?"

" ..."

What? He looked at her differently. She didn't know what it was but something was different. Unsure of whether this new look was a good or a bad thing, Sebille didn't make another move.

Null, however, leaned towards her and slid his hands to her sides and lifted her up.


"What are you up to?" She smiled.

Apparently he was in a good mood.

Sebille wondered why.

He seemed to be rather enjoying himself today, much more than normally.  Not that he didn't enjoy normal days but today he was just unsually cheery. Not that you would notice unless you were Sebille. It was strange but she wasn't complaining.

They shared a long kiss, that was also somehow different. Really what was it?

" ..."

"What are you up to?"
Though, he didn't answer and his mood was a mystery to her, she couldn't help but smile.


On their way back inside Sebille began to understand.

And again, she wondered what got him into such a mood.

Why was he so eager today?

Well, not that it mattered in the end. Sebille was sure to enjoy every moment.

And she was also sure to murder him brutally if he backed away again this time. (Well, maybe not murder but... she'd certainly be mad.)

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