Warm and foggy 04/11/2007


Sebille was coming out a of comfortable warm fuzziness. Her room was always cold in the mornings and now everything felt so warm... she didn't want to wake up just yet.

She opened her eyes slowly, and the brightness blinded her for a moment.

"Mm... you haven't slept at all again... have you...?"
" ..."

She couldn't make this a habit. He'd never get any sleep if she was in the same room... unless she was awake. She was sure they'd never sleep together.

She sighed.




Why was it so bright? What time was it?

"Oh crap!"

She couldn't believe it. She NEVER slept this long.
"I'm late for work, aren't I..."

"Why didn't you wake me up, you oaf?" >_<

He only looked at her, a small  faint smile playing on his lips.

She stopped to look at him.

Nevermind... She knew why he hadn't woken her up. He'd enjoyed having her by him, and she didn't blame him for it.

But it didn't change the fact that she was late now.
"Where the hell are my clothes?"

She started picking up pieces of her clothing, dragging half of the blanket with her to cover herself up. She must've looked amusing.

"Why won't this thing get tied up?" >_<

She was in such a rush that nothing seemed to be working out quite well. Sebille was sure that at least one piece of her clothing ended up inside out and that she would notice it at work after everyone had had time to laugh about it.

Null had sat up and moved in to tie the ribbon. Well, he should anyway, he was the one that opened it.

Null seemed amused by her irritation.

Sebille was annoyed on the outside because of the fact that she was running late, but also very content on the inside. The events from last night were still clear in her mind.

" ..."

"Thank you, dear. I gotta run now."

And she got up to leave.

She only stopped to pick up her shoes from the floor on her way out.

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