Brooding 05/11/2007

Null had sat on the couch all day. Sebille had come back from work, eaten, showered and gone on about her day as she normally would, passing him every once in a while. Null hadn't reacted to her in any way, not even when she'd walked right past him once or twice.

Now, she was finally done with everything and had time to get to him.

"Hey, there"

As expected, He didn't answer.

"Why are you moping?"
" ..."
"...I'm sorry I left like that this morning. I was in a rush...
and got scolded at work for being late.
" ..."
"Believe me when I say I'd have stayed longer, if I could."

He just turned his head away.

No... He wasn't mad about her leaving. He wasn't mad at all, was he?

He was silent.

"Don't be like this... please."

 "If I knew you'd be this way, I'd never have let last night happen..."

He still wasn't looking at her.

"I enjoyed it, though... And I just want us to stay the way we were."

She didn't know the exact reasoning behind his mood but she had a strong feeling of it. Sebille just wasn't able to quite explain it to even her self.

She looked away (with unnecessary drama).

"I understand, if you think it was a mis---"

He completely cut off her sentence and even turned to look at her. Despite the quick reply, he
seemed calm.

And repeated the same with a softer voice: "No..."

She looked on as he straightened himself from his usual slouch and leaned forward.

Well, whatever it was that he'd been worrying about... He seemed to have gotten over it.

More than over it, actually.

She wondered which words were the ones to reassure him.

"...I wouldn't mind it happening again." She whispered.

She couldn't help sliding her hands up his chest and to his neck. Not only did she love having him touch her, she also loved touching him.

"...But not tonight. You need to sleep, too."

She got up... sit on his lap.

She really hoped he would sleep. Not sleeping didn't do good to anyone.

"I really do love you,"
There was a silence, an uncomfortable one on his part. And she knew why.

"...And I'm not expecting that of you."

That was a lie. She was expecting it eventually, just... not yet.


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