Blade 13/11/2007

An already dangerous man with a sharp object... a deadly weapon on his hand. Sebille understood why everyone had been avoiding the living room just now. Not that it really made a difference if he had a weapon or not, he could kill anyone in the house without much effort  with his bare hands, if he so wanted. Or so she thought.

He was observing the blade, turning it in his grip and looking how light reflected from it.

Whatever he was holding made no difference to her.

She wondered why he had that out here. She'd never seen any kind of weapons on him or even in his room... And the only time she's seen him holding a gun was when he took it from Lin.

"That's quite a katana..."

He turned to look at her, a surprise in his eyes. It was as if she'd said something he wasn't
expecting her to say.

"What? I know swords much better than guns."

He swung the blade and stopped it in front of her.

She looked at it for a good minute. Oh, how easy it would be for him to finish that swing and
cut her throat.

Null flipped the katana around, so that the dull edge was towards Sebille now. He still hadn't said a word since she'd arrived.

Sebille put her fingertips on the cold steel and slid them slowly along the blade. It was beautifully done, quality handicraft.

She took the whole katana from him and was surprised by it's weight. She'd held a katana before but this was... much heavier.

"This is... heavy. And quite sturdy for a katana..."

Null's eyes followed every movement of the blade as Sebille spoke.

"I've seen a lot of katanas and swords before but this is  somehow different... is it custom made?"

She lifted the blade vertically and examined it just like Null had done a few minutes before.

"And where did it come from?"

She wasn't really expecting an answer.

This time, when she 'swung' the blade, he wasn't looking at it, he was looking at her.

"What? It isn't that surprising I know a little something about weapons, is it?"

He picked up the sheath.

"It's guns I know nothing about... since  I really don't like them. They do a lot more damage in an amateurs hands than edged weapons."

She hated shooters of all kinds. Well, except of Null, but then again; she'd never seen him fire a gun.

She held up the katana blade as he slid the sheath on it.

Sebille had gone silent and just watched his fluid movements.

"You know how to use it, don't you..."

" ..."

She was really curious as to why that weapon was here.

And also, why had he let her hold it.

What had he been thinking when he pointed the blade at her?

There were a million questions she wanted answers to... answers that she wouldn't get.


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