Kill 14/11/2007

Sebille couldn't quite concentrate on her book. She had a question she'd wanted to ask for some time now...

And Null was looking way too god again... that was another major distraction.

She gave up trying to read and set down her book.

Sebille moved in towards him.

"There's something I wanted to ask you..."

...Did his 'reply' mean that he might actually be in the mood for answering?

This was a hard question to ask. That thin line she always walked with him was about to get shakier.

She took a moment to think of the phrasing and looked away from him while she let out the words:
"Have you ever thought about killing me to get rid of all the complications that go with me?"

She should actually have asked how many times had he thought about killing her. She knew he had. He had, afterall, been about to choke her once.

He turned his head away. Sebille still wasn't looking at him, but she felt the movement... besides, he always did that when he didn't want to admit something.

The answer she got was spoken in a low, slightly hoarse voice:
"I've thought about it."

"But ... not lately." He added, turning his head slightly back towards her. He still wasn't looking at her... she knew he wouldn't until she'd spoken to him.

"Just when I make you crazy, right."
She said it in a cheerier voice than she had planned to. But it was true.

"I know the feeling..."
" ..."
"But I rather enjoy it."

"But you don't... Not being able to control your feelings, for you that must be almost... unbearable."

He gave no answer.

"You know... You can tell me when you're feeling like that."
She paused.
"No, you should tell me."


There was a silence. A long one at that.

"Right now..."

His answer caught her off guard.
"Now? As in you're feeling like that right this moment?"
" ..."

"Well, then... Allow me to leave before anything fatal happens."

She was smiling.

And he let out an amused sneer.

Before she could separate herself from the couch, he had wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back.

"You're not going anywhere..."

He whispered directly into her ear and it gave her chills. Good chills.
A hint of a smile played on his lips.

That earlier sneer of his made her happy.
This was the second time she'd made him laugh... kind of.

"But... "

" ..."

She couldn't think of a made-up counter argument as his reaction was too much for her to handle. This time it was him who was making her go crazy.

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