Left alone 20/11/2007

So, he was finally back... though, locked up in his room.

He had been gone for four days and three nights and as usual, he hadn't said anything before leaving. He was just... gone when she had gotten home from work a few days earlier.

She debated whether to open his door or not... But then again, it would be rather dumb not to, since she was sure he already knew she was there.

She took a deep breath and opened the door.

She wished he'd give her his number so that she could reach him when he made his usual dissappearing acts. But he probably didn't want to be bothered, especially not by her (=Ms. Talkative-who-asks-a-ton-of-questions).

Her entrance was cut short by the sight in the room.

He'd done it again.

He shouldn't do his job, if it affects him like this. It wasn't good for him.

Couldn't he just accept that, already?


She started walking towards him....

But was cut short (again) as Null lifted his hand as a sign for her to stop -or so she thought. Seb only managed a small step before freezing.

So he wouldn't even let her near now. Well, considering how the last time went, it was no wonder but she didn't want to see him like this.


Wasn't there anything she could do (and not get strangled in the process)?

"Null... Is there anything--? I..."


Finally he spoke.

He yanked the chain and the lock broke, freeing the chain from around his neck.

He threw the necklace to her feet.


"Take it out of my sight."

She picked up the trinket, wondering what it really meant to him.

She wanted to stay, she really did but she also didn't want to aggravate him any more. Maybe he'd be calmer tomorrow?

Sebille hoped she could talk to him soon...

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