Symbol 21/11/2007


Sebille was hoping this would work out.

He at least seemed calmer than he'd been yesterday, and hadn't told her to leave just yet... that was a good sign... she hoped.

"Have you calmed down?"
" ..."

She kept her voice quiet and as calming as possible as she spoke again: "I know there's nothing I can do but..."

"The necklace?"

So that's what he was interested about.

She wondered how to go on about this... and decided to go for a gamble.

"Oh... umm, well... You told me to get it out of your sight so... I threw it away."
She looked as innocent and oblivious as she could, in a situation like this.

"You... what?"

There was a long, pressuring silence. Null didn't move, or portray any more emotion on his face (or in his eyes) than he normally did.

Good. This was the only thing she could think of to help him get his mind out of whatever it was that had been troubling him. Besides, he seemed to enjoy her most when she was cheerful, airheaded and drooled on his shirt.

"...I'm kidding."
" ..."

For a second she thought she saw him raise his eyebrow, but it could've been her imagination.

She laughed and reached for her back pocket.

"I have it right here."

"Tell me something, would you...?"
" ..."

"What is this to you, really?"

There was a pause, and he spoke, looking at the necklace:
"It's a pass."

"A pass...? To where?"
"You have no need to know."
"Somehow I thought you'd say that." She smiled.

So... a pass, huh.

"So... If I had this, I could infiltrate myself into wherever it is that this pass applies to?"
"No... that's mine. You'd need me with you."
"But I can't infiltrate a place, if I have someone who belongs there with me..."

Hmm, that was rather interesting. Also... Null was speaking way more than normally. She wanted to make use of it as  long as it lasted.

"This is rather detailed for being just a pass, though... it even has jewels on it."

His voice was lower as he spoke again:
"It also symbolizes status and rank..."

"You have a rank!?"

She couldn't really contain her curiosity any longer, nor hide the fact that she was really intrigued, way past casual curiosity. Though, she knew she shouldn't find out any more about his business.

But this was quite an organization he was involved with... a pass... rank... status.

"Okay... so... If I had this thing and had you with me, they'd let me in...? And then I could ditch you and go snooping around?"

He turned back to her, looking sligthly, just sligtly, irritated.

"That's enough, that place isn't fo--"

This had been her goal: have him show some emotion and maybe even catch him by surprise, for a change.

"...I know."
" ...?"
"This was all I could think of to get you back to normal... since you don't talk about things..."

She hoped it had worked.

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