I... 26/11/2007

What to do?

What to talk about?

Sebille ran her fingers across the hilt of Null's katana.

He had been so distant the past few days, he almost seemed like the man he was when he moved to the house.

She was feeling both comfortable and unsure of herself at the moment.

He had shut down and barely said anything to her.

And she had no idea what the cause was.

"Hey... You've barely said two words to me the past few days..."
" ..."
"Something wrong?"

What would bring him out of his shell? Even a little would be good...


A kiss, perhaps? It was what she seemed to do best, anyway.

Well, it was enjoyable... until she was pushed onto her back.

It wasn't a rough push, though.


She was calm, and wondered what this would look like to an outsider... an outsider who thought they knew Null's true nature.

What if Loupe would rush in right now? What kind of an situation would that make? (Not that he ever would, unless it was an emergency.)

Okay, focus Sebille, focus.

"What are you doing?"

He set himself down next to her, but  still partially on top of her.

Okay? Now he was just mysterious.

"Seb... I..."

She held her breath. He what?

A dozen different endings and even more variations came to her mind; '...can't do this anymore', '...am going to leave', '...want you' . . .
'...love you.' ?

" ..."

He wouldn't finish that sentence tonight... would he?

Setting his head down, his forehead against her temple, he sighed.

"Just... tell me when you feel ready, okay? It's not like I don't have time to wait..."

He'd said her name -well... nickname anyway, and that was good enough for the day. To her anyway.

His answer was a touch on her hand and a soft, low growl from deep within his chest.

"Now, what was that? Did you just growl?"

She smiled.

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