Like 28/11/2007

I really wonder what you're playing at..."

The silence was broken by Sebille's sudden statement.

"The boy... Why don't you just stop beating around the bush and  tell him you like him?"

"...Like him? Who said I liked him?"

Yes. Who said that?

"Oh, come on!"

Fenrir had no answer to that.

Sebille sat herself upright.

"I know what it's like to live in uncertainty for months. Heck, I don't really know what it would be like to ever find out. I never have."

Fenrir crossed his legs, wondering what he really felt.

He also felt sorry for his friend, in a way anyway. She was happy but she certainly took way more risks than a normal people should.

And sure, Lin was cute and somehow really adorable and it did get to him but... to have an official relationship? That's what telling him would pretty much mean.

Could he do that without ending up making everyone miserable?

Since she didn't get an answer, Sebille slid her arms around him...

...and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Go see him and tell him how you feel."


He let out a small laugh. "Aren''t you in a good mood."
"Good things have happened."
"... ...but it's the middle of the night, I shouldn't march into other people's rooms after midnight."
"Oh, I doubt he minds."

She smiled.

Fenrir sighed.

"Fine, fine. You won't leave me alone before I do it, right? But... one more thing..."
"Don't ever kiss me again. That man of yours might see, and I doubt that would end well."

Sebille laughed.



Well, well, well... wasn't this a sight.

Sleeping Lin; rather adorable.

Fenrir wondered whether he should wake him up or let him sleep.

Then again... he was still wearing his clothes... those couldn't be too comfortable to spend the whole night in.

But man... he really was adorable.


"Hnnh... Fenrir...san?"


"What- what are you doing here!?"

"Well... I kind of wonder that myself..."

He brought his hand up to Lin and gently touched his face.
"I suppose I just... wanted to..."

Okay... He had to do it.

"Wanted to tell you that I like you." He smiled.

The following silence was long and rather pressuring -on both of them.

Fenrir was waiting for a reaction -any kind of reaction.

And Lin... Lin was trying to toss the sleepiness aside and comprehend what was just said to him.

Liked? He did? Really?

Lin could almost feel his face turning red again.

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