Just chilling

Thought I’d take some simple photos of Ye Rin since I have her on a body right now. I just felt like taking her out, and then realized that I sold her eyes and never got her any replacements, so I had to quickly make her a pair. They look very good in her, surprisingly, but unfortunately I scratched them by trying them in her before they were completely cured, so I have to make her another pair. That’ll take a while because I ran out of rubber gloves and my last batch of bases didn’t turn out great, lol. Anyway, she has temp eyes now that look surprisingly good in photos.

But. I’m going crazy trying to find her a body. I’ve found one I’d like, but the company stopped making urethane resin, and I’m veeery hesitant going for french/imported/whatevertheywannacallit, because I just don’t like the look of it. Especially in pale skintones. But at the same time I can’t find any 2nd hand dolls on the specific body nor can I find anything else plausible. Dikadoll has an okay body but it has a bood joint ofc. And everything else is just not good enough for me. There are plenty in the 60cm category that I could use, but their shoulders are not wide enough, so Yerin needs to be 63cm+. And even with the Loongsoul body I’d like, I’d have to re-shape the chest and get it different hands and feet (and there’s a possibility that the neck and shoulders aren’t wide enough).

Damn, do I want to get her a body. It’s not satisfying at all borrowing this for her because I can’t make her much clothes (she wears pants) as they might not fit her actual body when I get it. And this one doesn’t have shoes available for it because of Zeniths giant feet. And Ye Rin likes shoes. :/ Let’s not even mention that the Zenith body is literally all leg. I hate that in a doll (though might be unavoidable for 63cm female bodies anyway). It’s just not nicely proportioned for my human characters at all. I don’t mind it for Sigrun and Iria but Ye Rin just can’t do it.

Took some simple portraits of her yesterday. She looks a bit blank though, and it might be the eyes. I’mma try making her another size too when I make her new ones. (And also the fact that the sculpt doesn’t smile much and I couldn’t force it due to the deep mouth.)

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Judge of hell

Introducing my new arrival. This character has been in the plans for years and I’ve had this head for him since 2018, so 5 years. I’ve been waiting to get him a grey body eventually, so I couldn’t paint the face and borrow a body for him either, as his head would then need to be dyed. Anyway, fast forward to late last year when Dream Valley released this gorgeous thing. My friend mizya, linked it to me and I couldn’t resist. Such long slim limbs :D :D Hooves are always a plus, tho I do like cloven feet more. Aaanyway, put him on a 6 month layaway and he arrived last month. I would’ve loved him in the color in the promo pictures, but unfortunately that was only for the fullset, so I had to make do with just normal grey.

I have the Apocalypse head obviously as well, and I did some mods to it, but I haven’t painted yet because I’m not yet sure what character I’ll make him out to be. I actually had to reserve all character and design plans for after I got him because I didn’t know if the Souldoll head would work (and if I’d manage to dye it) or if I’d have to use his original head etc. I also ordered the skull head and horns (because ofcourse I did, I’ve wanted a Chalco headpiece forever) but Alice forgot to put it in the order and it’s now coming in later as DV was nice enough to let them order one way later.

When I got him I was surprised how tall he was, lol. He’s slightly taller than Cin (who is an Idealian75), but much more in the 70cm doll sizing otherwise, as he is very slim and long. So glad the torso is also very long and it’s not all in the limbs. He’s also extremely good quality, all the seams are sanded and he’s just super smooth. So smooth in fact that when I loosened his strings I had to suede him and also did some coating to give him a bit more tooth. Still playing with the tension but he’s better for me to handle now.

I took some photos of him as a whole: of the paintjob and first outfit he got. The whole design pretty much happened as I was doing it. I couldn’t plan the face up before I dyed the head because I knew it wouldn’t be fully even (my Souldoll dye jobs never dye evenly) and I might have to give him markings of some kind. Which yeah, I had to do. :P They play into his story, no worries. I also got this antique gold paint recently and I’m quite obsessed with it as it applies so evenly with just a brush. In the end this color theme ended up an accident as well. It’s very similar to Llyr’s but can’t be helped. (Actually Llyr isn’t restricted to blacks and golds but I just haven’t made him new clothes in years :’D poor guy.)

Sooo… this is Agreas (Agri for short):

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I took these a few months ago when I got the inspiration to get back into sewing after the dark winter and warmed up with some pretty simple, but stylish stuff for Lilya. I could’ve sworn I posted these here but apparently not, cause they’re nowhere to be seen. xD Soo, here they are now.

I’m not able to find Lily new eyes in proper size (they always been difficult) and I’m still kind of going back and forth with her old and new heads. Well, she’s had this Souldoll head for a few years now, but I don’t have the perfect wig nor the eyes for it so it’s a bit mehh so I’m having some trouble with her. Also she is too tall for the character, but all msd bodies with the right shape and wide enough shoulders are too tall so what can I do. xD

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Blossomy Spring

Long time now see, yo! Took a lil’ trip to see the apple blossoms with mizya today. Been a long time since I’ve actually done proper doll photography and these greatly vary by quality because the weather was being as uncooperative as possible. It was sunny, windy, cloudy and rainy all within minutes and changing constantly. xD Only really the sunny photos are nice, but I liked some of the poses etc. on the cloudy photos too, but I had to edit them quite a bit and they’re still pretty flat. But Yuyu is cute! I just got her new eyes from Tenshi266 a few days ago and while I love her old eyes, they make her whole eyes look really black in photos and it’s just a huge pain. The shape is wrong for her. These don’t focus as well, but they’re definitely better in photos. I also ordered a better shaped pair for Kiyo, but received the wrong pair, so I’m still waiting on those. I should update my animetic eye review post soon, though since I have several new types of eyes atm. and a few more on the way.
The kimono isn’t new, but it’s actually 50cm size and veeeery short on her, but I still had more of that fabric, so I made her a skirt part to mimic a full kimono and a new obi + headband. :3

Anyway, Yuyu is very cute, enjoy some spring photos. o/

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Summer sun

… and the lack of it, lol. Went on a photography trip with local doll friends and the weather was a bit indecisive, so the colors and the light in these is all over the place. Also have to take some more Saya photos later.

We were a spectacle for local fishermen cause we drove to a marina for some peaceful photography (beaches way too full). Whenever we go out, at least one of us ends up explaining about dolls to random people, lol. xD

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Went to explore my near by foresty areas with Prisca, since I’ve moved. My new place isn’t nearly as remote as my old one was, so it’s a bit more work to get to a forest but it seems to be doable. Although there are quite a lot of people around. Compared to how I could just be alone in the forest for hours without running into anyone at my old place. But oh well. I made Prisca a new outfit the other day and wanted to take some photos of it before I get lazy again. Not many poses but I’m rusty.

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Cold but never freezing

Ohh yes, had inspiration to design an outfit for Yami and since I bought myself a new sewing machine, I was also able to add some decorative stitches to the hem (and the back flap but I messed that up, so we will not talk about it) and it was just so nice to sew. Well, most of it was made with the old machine, but I waited to finish it until I got the new one. :D I should’ve wired her arms for the shoot, though because the thick sleeves prevented her from bending her arms properly. There were a few poses I wanted to do but her arms just would not stay. So, I may re-shoot her if the weather keeps being nice, but other than that, yay, went outside for photos!

Also the outfit is actually meant to just be worn with the pants but since there is no way she would stand in the snow on her own, I made the fake underskirt (it snaps into place in front and back) to cover her stand, lol.

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Forever wandering

I re-painted Llyr (finally, he was hanging out headless for a few months) and made him new eyes. They’re still one of my first tries and I know where there are mistakes, so I’ll re-do them eventually when I feel like trying my hand at eyemaking again. (Cin’s eyes are more of a priority but their color is really hard to get right). Even though they’re not perfect, they’re so much better than the Soom eyes he’s had for years. Those were never perfect but I wasn’t ever able to find another pair to replace them -thus went for the “make it yourself” option.

And since he looks new, and borrowed Demyan’s wig, I took him outside for a few simple photos. Didn’t go on for too long cause he did two snow dives and broke his other antler. >_>

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Colours are out

Cin has very slowly been coming together. I’m waiting for (hopefully better) eyes for him and wanted to take photos afterwards, but the postal service is being ridiculous and holding them hostage now that they finally arrived to the country after over two weeks on the way from across the ocean. >:/ I’ve also re-painted his face, a few times -sort of. I mentioned in the review that the headback broke. Well, I contacted Soom about that to complain about the design flaw pretty much (hoping that they’d improve on it) and they sent me a new head as an apology. I painted that one with my fairly crappy bottle of army painter to counter the tone difference MSC does on tan resin. But it ended up pretty shiny AND the head is quite a bit yellower in tone than his body or the original head. Which was annoying. And then it took me a while to re-paint his original head using a mix of the shiny army painter and MSC to get something decent. Unfortunately I didn’t do as good a job with the face up itself as on the extra head but well, I’ll swap them around a bit and re-paint them until I’m happy. Once/if that happens, I might wanna try and do something completely different with the extra head, don’t know yet.

He’s also slowly been building his wardrobe. In these photos he’s wearing the second version of straight pants and the prototype dress shirt (oh god, the fabric is so horrible, and absorbs like every since dust spec and cat hair in a 5 mile radius). And I’ll sew more for him when I feel like it. I have trouble giving him the kind of loose home-clothes he would wear cause he’s too good-looking for them. I have many other things I want to sew as well, but have a really hard time getting started and finishing projects these days. I’m not feeling very well, haven’t all year, so things take a long time.

Anyway, took some very simple backyard shots of him today until I got sick of his stupid torso flailing all over the place and refusing to pose.

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Naenia is totally my muse, lol. Been two years since I’ve done a proper water shoot with her though, cause I missed my chances last year. I wanted to be a bit more ambitious with this, but unfortunately I forgot a few tools home and the sun came out in the middle. I’m really only happy with one of the photos, but the others that I bothered editing are decent enough to be posted. Still, I want to practise more. :/ In the end I couldn’t even take photos from above water cause the weather turned windy and started making such strong waves that she wouldn’t stay still (and I got cold).

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Fields of Hay

Spotted these fluffy hays while walking my cat and thought they’d make a lovely doll backdrop for an evening shoot. Well, more like night shoot. I forgot to stalk the sun and only realized after 10PM that the sun was no longer giving a nice warm glow to that spot (not sure what time of the evening would be the best for that anyway). Well, I did make use of the sunset sky with some backlit photos but… yeah.
Iria also doesn’t have any new clothes, so I layered a bunch of her and Sigrun’s skirts together with Ye Rin’s shirt and got this outfit put together. I rather like it as a set. :3

Slightly repetitive because I had a hard time narrowing these down. xD

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Feel the water and the wind

Ookay, it’s been ages since I’ve done anything with my dolls. Have had some bad times and health problems and just lacked any motivation. But well, this is the only time of the year I can use this location and I’ve been thinking about it for years, so I finally actually got out and went there. I’m so out of shape though that the stream yoga killed my legs. xD Also these could be better but I’m very happy with a few shots at least. :D Love water as an element.

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Soom Idealian 75 body review

Alright. Yes, I finally got my adult!Cin! Only took 6 years and another 9 months of waiting. =__= That is 6 years from when I realized that bronze York would work for the character. 3 years after my realization I came close to getting him, but Soom absolutely refused to add bronze as a skin color option and tawny just doesn’t do it for me. Would’ve been nice because they had the unassembled kit for sale that December and it would’ve made the purchase cheaper. Then finally, last December they offered York again and this time there was a bronze, so I had to jump on it in order to not have to wait another 3 years for a new release. I bought him with a 4month layaway and he was finished in April, but thanks to the current situation, Korean post will not send EMS packages to Finland. I waited until this month to pay the extra fee for EMS premium to have them ship him to me. And here he is, after massive customs taxes I finally have him. And he is huuge. :D

I got to working on him right away and he’s pretty much done, but I just don’t have eyes for him (also his shoes are still stuck in Korea). Thus I also don’t really have good photos of him finished. But I did take some shots of him when he arrived and did a small review of the body. I have pliver sueded him (so that’s what’s in his joints) but other than that, the photos are of him as he came to me.

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