Waaay overdue Yami mini-shoot.

Not sure if it’s visible, but a while ago I spent some hours expanding her tattoos on her wrists and ankles. They could still be longer, but at least they’re bigger than before. It’s a HUGE pain to fix those things because she’s got a million limbs. And I should actually re-do the stripes altogether and place them so that they don’t scrub against eachother. But that takes even longer because they have to be super neat. x_x

2 thoughts on “Bling

  1. How did you done the 3 arm pair? Because I can only find shiva dolls with 4 arms but yours is just so cool and amazing. I was looking and searching for a bjd like yours for several months now. I really look forwd hearing from you. Thank you for reading my comment. Yours sincerely smilla

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