Red and Gold dress commission

I finished a slightly larger commission dress and thought that it deserves an entry of it’s own. Iria got to model it because it’s close to what she wore when she was still a regular human -style wise. Otherwise it’s a bit too luxurious for her and red & gold aren’t really her colours either. They’d gotten this same fabric in a camel tone as well, but I wish they’d have a different, darker brown and I could make something similar out of it for Iria. I love it because it feels super soft and looks a lot like suede, though it’s polyester. It stains quite a bit though and I ended up with a pink sewing machine and Sigrun’s hips turned pink too (she modeled it until I finished it because her clothes were less of a hassle to take off, lol).

But well, I have undergarments in the works for Iria and a corset. Maybe one of these days I’ll find fabric for the outer pieces of the outfit as well… I hope. Her outfit will be somewhat different and more plain.

Okay, I tried to take photos in a different place as you can see, but then this started happening:

And in the next spot it was this:

So, I gave up and moved to my bed for the usual light background photos I take. I wish I could’ve taken nicer ones but blehh, these will have to do.

The undergarments look like this. The tones don’t match because I didn’t have anything in off-white and the underskirt was only needed because the red fabric stains. It’s not needed for support.

Aand done. :3

2 thoughts on “Red and Gold dress commission

  1. I find it so funny when your cat decides it’s time to photograph the cat! That’s somehow hilarious. I still love the photo where Sebille and Null are on the doll coach and this cat is there with them. ^^ Beautiful outfit with wonderful details, I love the detatchable sleeves and the white shirt. Too bad the red fabric is letting out colour. :( I don’t like it when that happens. Great solution to have the undergarments for that.

    Ja jee, onnistuin lisäämään blogisi tuonne lukemieni blogien luetteloon, en vaan ollut tajunnut painaa yhtä nappia siellä lisäyssivulla. Aaagh ^^;

    1. … He doesn’t even like to be photographed. :/ When he sees the camera he always tries to turn his head away and looks so unhappy. And yet he just has to be a part of everything. Must be on top of fabrics that are being cut. Must be on my lap when I sew. Must be next to a doll that’s being photographed… and so on. :P
      Yeah, the undergarments… ever since I’ve gotten DDs I’ve gotten really used to using underwear and protective clothing to protect from staining, so it’s not a big deal. Feels kind of natural to extend that to BJDs. Usually I line the outfits that do stain or I suspect of staining, but not this one. Also, I can’t do the same for my sewing machine and it’s still really pink although I scrubbed it with a magic eraser. ^^;

      Minunkin pitäisi päivitellä linkkejäni tuohon sivuun, mutta en koskaan muista tai jaksa sitten kun muistan… ahaha…

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