Mini dolls comparison

Alrighty, comparing my minis with the new WD girl body. Some of these poses are the same as in the review, because I like to use basic mobility for review purposes. Once you know how far a joint moves in each direction, you can think up a bunch of poses. I was thinking of also putting the DIM GSE body into the lineup as well, but then decided against it as I’ve modded it heavily. She’s in some of my older comparisons, though. I can get my hands on an old Minisup girl body, Souldoll NL boy and Vito male body as well. If you want a similar comparison/review of them, do let me know.


Withdoll boy body >> Bimong classic Narin (new elbows) >> Bimong classic Narae (small bust) >> Withdoll girl body (old) L bust >> Withdoll girl body (new) D bust >> Minifee a-line large bust

Always in the same order.

Worth noting:
– I’ve sanded off the muscles on the WD boy body, but they don’t affect mobility. I’ve also removed the stopper inside his torso.
– The classic Narin is from the newer releases where Bimong re-made the elbow joints.
– The classic Narae is an older type with single joint elbows. The new releases come with the exact same joints as the Narin next to her. But they also have deeper ankles with less mobility (though I did sand mine to work like this older one).
– I’ve removed the stopper from the old WD girl’s torso
– The MNF is at least 5 years old and as FL keeps recasting their own bodies, the newer ones will be smaller, so she isn’t very accurate as height comparison.

(Sorry I forgot to take one with the arms down so that you could see the angle of the neck)

Lineup notes: The WD boy has the longest legs, which is the only reason he’s the tallest. The rest have legs about the same height, meaning that the shortest MNF has a proportionally tiny torso in comparison to the others. The WD boy and new girl have the legs strung together, so they don’t have the visible string holes in the thighs. They’re also the only ones with real double jointed knees. The MNF just has an extra piece which pretty much just serves to hide the string hole when the knee is bent.

Torso mobility:

To the side.
WDb: I can’t remember how much the stopper would get in the way for the WD boy but without it he moves really well -however, that does not look good.
Narin & Narae: Both move beatifully, don’t gap and don’t get a huge bump on their sides. They’re the clear winners here.
old WDg: She could do this with the stopper too, but it was horrible-looking. In any case, she gets an unattractive side bump.
new WDg: She has to be moved quite extremely with the stopper in place. I’m looking into sanding it down a bit to make this more appealing. But the side bump isn’t that horrible (especially if the joint isn’t moved that far to the side).
MNF: The only boob-jointed doll that doesn’t get a side bump, but that’s just because the torso really doesn’t move much.

To the front/slouch capability.
WDb: He can slouch decently if you don’t mind the huge hunchback, but it really doesn’t give him much forward bend simply because of the placement of the joint.
Narin & Narae: Beautiful and natural. Both can slouch very well and there’s no gapping or hunchback. The Narin is pretty much in it’s original state and there are no stoppers at all, which means he benefits from sueding. The Narae has a few stoppers and does this nicely.
old WDg: Barely moves and is not pretty. With the stopper it would move more but there are sharp edges.
new WDg: Moves quite well. but since the joint is still pretty high, there’s a bump in the back so it’s not the most flattering from this angle.
MNF: Really doesn’t move forward: can’t slouch.

Arching back.
WDb: Moves nearly into a 90 degree angle but reveals a giant hole. I can’t remember if he can do this with the stopper in place.
Narin & Narae: Very good movement, slight gapping and bumps.
old WDg: Doesn’t move that much, but doesn’t really gap either.
new WDg: Moves fairly well, but leaves a strong bump and is not very pretty.
MNF: Is made to move and lock into this position, so there’s no gapping.

And from that into the “Laying on my stomach pose”:

WDb: He can stay fairly upright but does gap. However clothes would hide that.
Narin & Narae: They can stay in this pose decently as long as you don’t need to get them to a gymnist pose.
old WDg: She can also do this decently but her head won’t turn that high due to the angle of the neck.
new WDg: She can somewhat do this but the angle of her neck is also a problem and she can’t look up.
MNF: Clearly designed for this pose and it’s pretty much the only thing the torso can do :’D

Sitting up with an arched back:

WDb: He can sit straight up without leaning back at all. Unfortunately I couldn’t back away enough and you can’t see his feet but they were just a bit above the ground, not bad.
Narin & Narae: They both lean back a bit if the torso is tilted back (all the way to the stopper on the Narae). However this isn’t their natural torso position, they tend to have a forward slouch by default. Their feet are a little raised if the knees are straight.
old WDg: She sits up quite straight.
new WDg: Sits up straight up like the WD boy.
MNF: The abdomen is quite straight but she has quite the arched back with the torso joint in the default position, and her feet are like mile high in the air.

Straightening up:

WDb: Doesn’t need any fixes from previous.
Narin & Narae: Bend the torso forward a bit and they can sit straight up, bend it more and they’ll actually slouch.
old WDg: Slight torso adjusment and she’s a tiny bit straighter.
new WDg: Same.
MNF: She can move to the one stopper there is and straighten her back a bit.

Sitting down with elbow bent:

WDb: He can touch his chest and face but the mobility on the nugget is not amazing. However it rotates nicely and is easy to use.
Narin: The new nuggets are really nice. They don’t bring any new mobility from the single joint version, but they are much more stable and easier to get into inbetween poses. Can touch his chest and face.
Narae: The elbow moves the same amount as the double jointed Narin, but needs some friction (sueding, right stringing) to stay in the position. Can touch her chest and face.
old WDg: The arm is somehow long and it makes it hard for her to touch her chest or face gracefully. She can do it but it’s not that pretty, also the big boobs are in the way.
new WDg: Same as the old body pretty much.
MNF: Excellent elbow movement and easy to use nugget that bends and rotates in any direction. Undoubtedly the best joint in this body and makes it easy for her to touch anywhere.

Leg lift and knee movement:

WDb: Just look at the new WD girl for reference. He can do the same, but my boy is a little loose and doesn’t have enough friction to keep the pose right now. ^^;
Narin: 90 degree angle for both the thigh and the knee.
Narae: 90 degree angle for the thigh and a little less for the knee -which is probably due to the suede she has in her knee. She’s capable of 90 degrees for the knee as well.
old WDg: 90 degree angle for both.
new WDg: About 45 degrees for the thigh and nearly a full bend for the knee.
MNF: 90 degrees for the thigh and about 45 for the knee.

(Sexy) laying down pose:

WDb: Yeah, what’s there to say. He gets a bump on his side and the arms are a little clumsy but his legs work fine.
Narin: No amazing movements but pretty lines and looks natural.
Narae: Same as the Narin.

old WDg: Clumsy arms and broken looking torso, stiff legs and all around not very good.
new WDg: Sligthly clumsy arms but not as bad as above. The stopper lifts her torso up a bit creating gaps. And she has quite a wide crotch which makes her unable to bring her legs together (the boy body doesn’t have this problem). It makes for something that needs to be worked around.
MNF: Simple and clean lines. Looks natural though none of the joints move much.

Sitting with legs crossed:

WDb: He can do this okay because of the hip joints (and it’s possible with pants on too), but the thighs don’t rotate, so it’s not that compact.
Narin, Narae & old WDg: Can’t do it. The thighs don’t really rotate and the knees don’t bend enough. Sure, you can dislocate them but it won’t be very stable.
new WDg: Can do this in several different ways. The hip joints help lift the legs up and the thigh joints rotate and pop up for a variety of poses. Though popping out the thigh joints is not possible with pants on.
MNF: The string channels in the thighs are designed for this pose, but it’s impossible with pants on. (Fairyland has been selling this damn body for 10 years, why haven’t they fixed this yet, or do they think nobody uses pants on their dolls and wants them to pose? I mean, her right leg is also longer than the left and that was already a problem 10 years ago, so…)

Hugging the knees:

WDb: Can kind of almost do this. He leans back because his torso joint is so high up, so it’s not perfect.
Narin & Narae: The higher the legs are, the more they lean back. Looks like they’re doing sit-ups.
old WDg: Same as above, but more back lean because her torso joint doesn’t move forward.
new WDg: Very compact. But she can’t pop out the thighs if she’s wearing pants, so then it’ll end up closer to the WD boy. But the hip joints still work even in most clothes.
MNF: Yeah, no. The hip area is generally useless despite the multitude of joints and she can’t even lean forward, so this is impossible.

And the last pro pose: squatting

WDb: Cheating. I put him in extremely high heels. It’s the only way this works because his ankles just don’t have enough mobility.
Narin: Nope. He’s just reaching for his toes. In his defence though, he could bend his knees a little more (like the Narae next to her) but he doesn’t have enough friction in his knees currently. Would need sueding.
Narae: Cheating while reaching for her toes. xD Can’t bend the knees more without losing balance as her ankles don’t have enough mobility.
old WDg: Cheating with heels. Can’t do even this much without the extra help from heeled shoes, same problem as with the others: not enough ankle mobility.
new WDg: Help from heels. She doesn’t need a lot of lift and I did manage to put her in this pose once without shoes too, so it’s technically possible even without help. If her torso joint was a tad bit lower, that would correct the balance issue and it would be easier to achieve this.
MNF: Can’t lean forward and this was really hard to balance because of it -even with heels. She’s also not in a stable place as the weight was pulling her ankles off the joint, could fall by herself if left like this.

To be fair: squatting is a really difficult pose for dolls. I only own one doll that can do it without shoes (DIM GSE) and two(three) with high heels (big and small WD girl +WD boy apparently). Also the age old Domuya flexi could do it over a decade ago. But not many dolls have enough hip, knee and ankle movement to pull it off and stay in it securely. Most won’t be able to do it with pants on either. You really need a flexible doll for it.


I racked my brain for what to do for a summary and ended up doing a score of 1-5 for each joint separately, meaning: shoulders, elbow, wrist, torso, hip, thigh (only new WD girl and MNF), knee and ankle. I did not take into account what the joint looks like or how the body line looks or anything like that. The score is just based on how the joints move: how much and how hard they’re to use. Once all the pieces were scored, I calculated the average and even I was quite surprised by the results. If I took the look of the joints and the doll into consideration, I’d score them differently, but this was as impartial as I could do it, so here we go:

Withdoll Boy 3.9/5

He scored high everywhere but the torso and the ankles. This torso joint placement kills the potential of the other joints, but it does move averagely, so it got an average score. The ankles are also just decent. They’re not super stable, but they move well enough for most things. The real star of the body is the hip joints, though. Dolls with their legs strung together usually lack friction in the hip sockets, but the extra joints fix that and give him a lot of extra mobility to allow a wide range of sitting poses. When the stringing gets loose or he’s not coated he does suffer from some lack of friction so the body should be maintained at regular intervals. He also has magnetic hands with locks. They’re both a pro and a con. Easy change of hands and clothes but they do pop off accidentally if they’ve been rotated out of the locking position and that can be a pain when posing.

Classic Narin 3.6/5

His legs are nothing to brag about joint wise, but the upper body makes up for it ten fold. The movement and the placement of the torso joint helps correct poses where the legs are lacking, and the new elbows are really nice and easy to use. However, like I mentioned earlier: there are no stoppers in the torso and it kind of flops all over the place straight out of the box, so it does need some kind of sueding. His ankles also don’t move that much, but in return they’re very stable and he can just be plopped on the floor and he stands straight out of the box. The elbows are easy to use in all directions and his wrist are really movable as well.

Classic Narae 3.6/5

Pretty much the same as the Classic Narin body, but her torso is more refined and has a small edge/stopper in it, which maker her much less floppy straight out of the box. Her elbows also have the same range of movement as the double jointed versions (that the newer bodies have come with), but they’re not as stable without some help. She got a better torso score and a worse elbow score than the Narin and thus they eded up with the same score. With the new elbows, she’d get a slightly higher score just because of the better torso joint design. Overall these two are great simple bodies: they won’t be doing any amazing sitting poses but they sure do look natural doing them.

Old Withdoll girl 2.8/5

This body doesn’t have much to brag about. The joints are simple and somewhat stiff. The ankles, shoulders and wrists move the best. And she also has the same magnetic hands with lockable wrists as the boy body. My girl is old so she doesn’t have the locks but otherwise the wrists are exactly the same. Nothing to write home about, but if all you need out of your doll are simple standing poses and simple sitting, then this is good enough.

New Withdoll girl 3.8/5

Her score is lower than the boy body’s for two reasons. 1) Her arms are difficult to place naturally: there’s too much resin towards her sides under the armpits. If you want the arms to sit naturally on her sides, they need to be placed slightly forward, instead of naturally towards the back. 2) Her crotch is kind of wide which makes it impossible for her to bring her knees together easily. You can jump through hoops to achieve it, but it makes for an annoyance when handling her. The boy body can move his legs into any direction without a problem but she can’t, though she has more joints. Her torso joint, however is better than on the boy body and the thigh joints are a bonus -even if you don’t use them by pulling and lifting, they still offer rotation for the thighs. Overall it’s a very versatile body with a lot of different posing capabilities and yet it’s easy to use, though a but more snappy than the boy body.

Minifee A-line girl 2.8/5

This body scored really low despite the awesome elbow joints because the whole torso-hip-thigh area is stiff and generally useless. Making her sit is stiff and annoying and if you’re trying anything other than the most basic sitting pose, the jointing fights against you every step of the way. (The old WD girl body can’t do much more in comparison but the joints aren’t as snappy if you try to bend them more than they move.) The torso can’t be used to fix the stiffness either because it just doesn’t move. Her shoulders are movable but they’re not very stable and thus, other than the elbows and wrists, she really can’t pose much more than the WD girl. She also has magnetic hands without locks and they have the tendency to come off accidentally. There are too many gimmick joints that are not needed for her simple movement capabilities. She’s over-engineered.

4 thoughts on “Mini dolls comparison

  1. That “laying on stomach” photo of everyone is so, so cute :D
    I happen to own one of those age-old Domuya Flexi bodies. I’m surprised to learn that the compact crouch not a more widely available pose, even to this day! Other than having to be in heels to achieve the crouch, Withdoll Boy looks really nice in the pose. Thanks so much for showing him off alongside the ladies.

    This review / comparison has also been super informative and helpful! Thanks again.

  2. Oh, and! I forgot to add in my precious comment! At the beginning you mention being able to also compare Souldoll, I’d especially love to learn about NL, Vito secondarily. If you wouldn’t mind, that would be a greatly valuable writeup too.

    Would you do at least a one-shot comparing the Souldoll NL with the Withdoll boy shown here? Even just a quick visual comparison of their height differences and shoulders / head / facial proportions would be greatly appreciated!

    I have been looking for a partner for my Oceanmoon 50cm girl, since their own boy sculpt never got finished. It has been a long search. Not only is her body truly between standard scales (but sculpted from a direct 1/3 scale-down of average Korean body measurements.. except the face!) Her face proportion makes her look incompatible alongside both the typical 1/4 and 1/3 faces. Companies seem to be edging ever-closer to what I’m looking for, and again I want to offer my thanks to you for pointing out two new “possible matches” which I hadn’t known about, but will now have on my radar! ❤️

    1. So sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get an email notification for some reason and didn’t realize to check manually. ^^; I’m glad this was helpful, though.

      There are more bodies that can crouch available these days than before, sure, but I don’t happen to own them. However, it seems that these nowadays most companies go for aesthetics rather than posing (which is driving me insane because aesthetics seems to mean “only looking good if you don’t move the joints”). Especially the chest joint limits posing of the torso that’s really needed for balancing the crouch pose. Also, stringing the legs together to hide the thigh hole and relying on thigh joints is also a serious limitation on posing (the WD hip joints save these bodies from that fate). If you want a movable body, you really need to get one that’s designed for it and then the jointing might not be as pretty. For my collection I try to look for a combination of aesthetics and posing, so a lot of bodies get ruled out for something.

      Sure, I can take a photo with the NL boy and Vito bodies with my WD boy… the next time I see my friend. Don’t count on it being right away, though. xD However, she doesn’t have a souldoll head on the NL body, it’s a Narin, so that won’t help with head size or facial proportions. Then again, I’d assume Vito is the closer match anyway, being a 50cm range body and kind of a mid-size though in scale with the 1/4 dolls. That one is a full doll so I can compare it to the WD boy. The Vito heads are close to the same size as the NL heads, actually probably smaller in some cases because Souldoll heads vary hugely in size and at least some NL girls have a giant head syndrome. (Really, I have like 4 zenith girl heads and all have the same wig size and completely different face sizes though at least 3 are from the same sculptor.)

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