Story: Pursuit… of sorts?

The woods were once again full of the bustle of birds, squirrying to build their nests and gather food for the winter.

Kilbas heard the rustle of mammals doing the same, but they all dissappeared deeper as they felt him approach.

The Hunter was still in a foul mood and it was seething off of him like a dark aura.

Having been spared by the two demons infuriated him, and his elation over achieving revenge on the Huntress had been very short lived.

Now all that was left was his irritation.

Unbeknownst to the Hunter, there was another creature on his tail.

He did have have a nagging feeling of something other than his miraculous survival. The demon just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Something small and red kept flashing in his peripheral vision amongst the birds. But when he turned, there was nothing there.

The spirit peeked behind the tree to make sure he wouldn’t lose the demon.

But he managed to slip away anyway.

Looking all around himself, Enki was confused.

“What is it?” Kilbas managed to ask remotely calmly.

“Ah!” the creature yelped.

“Enki is mad at Kilbas!” he stated, his tiny bell-like voice ringing in the wood.

“Kilbas was mean to purple-spotty-girl.” he pouted.

‘Mean’? He thought.

Well, if you put it that way. But Kilbas wondered… her situation would’ve been far worse, had he reported her betrayal to the Clan and let them handle it. But no, he had not done a kindness to her, he’d been after his own agenda.

He’d take the wrath and fury of this creature on himself.

Hopefully his anger wouldn’t last too many decades, as the trees would also be silent to his touch during that time. He would miss them.

1 thought on “Story: Pursuit… of sorts?

  1. Awws, ihana Enki! Kilbas on kyllä lemppareitani nukeistasi, todella viihdyttävä ja synkkä hahmo samaan aikaan. Tarinoitasi on aina ilo seurata, kun kaikki kuvat ovat laadukkaita ja nuket stailattu kauniisti. Odotan innolla taas jatkoa, olen varmaan suunnilleen kaikki demonitarinasi lukenutkin.

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