Oh gosh, my long awaited Gwendolyn figma arrived today. Ive been waiting for this from the moment she was first announced like… 1,5 years ago? I don’t even know, I feel like it took forever. (Same with Shaoran, hurry up for reals!). And she’s gorgeous. One of my favorite game characters and she has such a beautiful design that there was no question about whether I would or wouldn’t buy her. I also have my eye on a figure of her (and Oswald too if it turns out okay).

A lot of people were complaining that she’s extremely expensive because with wings she costs as much as a scale figure, but I think she’s worth every penny. Granted, I’m not a figma collector -if I was it would probably sting more. I’m not planning on getting many of these. I mean, I’d kill for Oswald but I wouldn’t mind Velvet or Mercedes either. And I’m still waiting for Shaoran who is an instant buy. But other than that there aren’t that many characters that tempt me (except maybe Raven from Gravity Rush). Anyway, I don’t know why people complain about the expensive figma vs. figure because they have completely different appeals. I have a few beautiful figures but I’m the type of person that prefers doing something with my collectibles and with figures I may photograph them once or twice but then it gets boring because you can’t change them in anyway -every photo is essentially the same. So posable things appeal to me much more. Tiny things also appeal to me, so posable tiny things = yes! Though this does require quite a bit of delicate finger work (I was afraid of breaking her because I can be a little rough with my dolls).

Anyway, I find her very well made. Some paint slips here and there and it also rubs off on other parts (esp. in the wing attachment area) etc. The legs are unfortunately also a little stiff due to the skirt (although it’s short and bendy) so she can’t do a proper glide pose in the air. Shoulders are also a little limited. The torso joint could also move more, but it’s the price for the looks -with figmas I can forgive the boob-joint because they’re clothed and all that. The wings also have some limitations for said gliding but they work pretty well. Her faces are really nice, though rather than the slightly grumpy default face, I would’ve loved one that’s a little more cutesy/confused like she looks in the game. I mean, I guess she has a general resting bitchface in the game too, but somehow it looks really cutesy to me, maybe it’s the brightness and contrast in it. But I love love love that gentle smile face too, so no biggie.

I really should’ve taken some game-pose references with me but I was too excited to realize that I should. Besides that might’ve ended in frustration because she can’t do them all in the same way due to being taller and slimmer than the game styling -and the limiting joints.

Here she is, mostly straight our of the box. Just changed her to the bigger wings. The rest of these are from the morning with stupid light (the sun was shining, creating strong contrasts) and a few from the evening, but I had to cut that shoot short because I suddenly started feeling weak and realized that I hadn’t eaten anything despite having run errands and stuff during the day. :’D

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