Lazy person’s paperwork

Been feeling like taking some doll photos lately. I also have an idea for a story (Iria) but I’m not sure how to go about making it happen. It would require props I don’t have so I might need to improvise. But anyway, Sebille (and Null as a bonus) was my victim today. I’m loving her with her new(ish) Withdoll body and I’ve made her quite a bit of new clothes lately, so she gets to be in front of the camera too ♥

As this is a Sebille/Null shoot, it was given that it would derail at some point… and it did. It took me quite a while to move all my props to the balcony and set up and then I spent nearly 2 hours photographing. Would’ve been at it longer had the sun not started to give me trouble. And of course it got cloudy and started raining just as I was taking the set down. Sigh. =__=

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The Tango

I completely forgot to post these from a while ago. I’ve been writing an alternate reality story for Sebille and Null on and off for a few years already and a few weeks ago I got inspiration and got back to it again. I added quite a few chapters to it this time and I think I’m at about 20 chapters and 80-ish pages. I feel accomplished because it’s in two parts and last time I was more inspired to work on the second part, but this time I was able to add some important missing chapters to the first part. :3
I actually have a lot of different alternate reality stories for these two characters because I love them, but this is closest to the storyline I have in photo story form. Only most of it happens at Null’s mansion which has never been seen in photo stories because, well, props. =__=;; Also the initial setting is different and there are tweaks to their past, but the characters are pretty much all the same.

Anyway, due to the writing I felt the need to photograph these two together. They’re less of a pain to pose now that at least Sebille is more stable, but Null still gives me heart-attacks. x_o I also had Seb’s eyes positioned a little weirdly so she’s a bit blank looking but oh well. She’s the hardest to position eyes for out of all my dolls because they’re so big. I do think she’d benefit from eyes that have an iris that’s 1mm bigger but really, I’m not risking it anymore. Over the years, I’ve bought her a ton of eyes and I think I’ve finally found the right colour, size and quality combo, so better not mess with that.

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Random photos entry 2/2

And now for the very few BJD randoms I have.

Miy is turning 11 next month. She’s been sitting in the same clothes in the same pose on my shelf for years, but a few months ago I took her out and made her new pants, yay. \o/ I love her despite never playing with her. She’s the oldest doll I have left (and my second doll ever). And I think she’d need a new fresh face up but with my track record, that will probably take a few years.

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I’ve been working on sewing and face up commissions lately. The latter being a bit of a pain because of the weather, but I’m getting there… So, not much photos. But I did take these the other day. It was supposed to be my continuation to the previous Seb/Null photos, but unfortunately the heavy snowfall stopped right after the first photos of Null and I totally lost my inspiration. Sebille is also a noodle and I don’t feel like tightening her because I just want a new body for her.

And speaking of bodies… I managed to snatch myself a very cute limited DD off Y!J but then Withdoll went and released Vera, so I’m going to have to sell her right along. I’m thinking of re-painting her though and I’m definitely making her an outfit and having a shoot with her before she goes, though. Then, I need to buy Sebille that body and probably put Vera on layaway. That new skintone just tempts me so much. =u=

Anyway, a few photos (so not happy with them). I wanted a really good snowstorm going on but nope, just my luck..

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Alright, first snow! And finally the rest of my earlier Sadol package makes an appearance: the umbrella! The moment I saw it I was like holy hell I need to have it! I’ve been dreaming of a black SD size umbrella for years. I even wrote about it on the Finnish doll forun back in 2008… I had to wait a long time and it’s too big for my SD girls (originally wanted it for Sebille) but Null has more stable arms for holding it anyway.

I was going to do a review of the umbrella, because it’s gorgeous and comes with it’s own bag and everything, but it’s so damn dark indoors that I can’t get any good photos taken. =__= It’s really quite huge, more like a golf umbrella for a 70cm doll, but works well for two dolls. It’s also surprisingly light. Not sure how it compares to the cheaper ones available but I’m sure that Sadol has made all the plastic parts themselves by casting them in black resin (it resembles Withdoll’s optional parts). The handle doesn’t stain the doll hands and all the shapes are very sleek. I love it ♥ Null has no problem holding it up without support, as you can see.

I’ve been waiting for snowfall to take these photos, and while I was doing this, I got an idea for another shoot that I’ve planned down to the last detail already. I just need to wait for a colder weather and a more powdery snowfall -whenever that will be. x_x Still, it’ll be so much fun and I hope I’ll be happy with the results. This was more of a test run.

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After the party

Just a random idea I had. Nothing special, but at least it gave me a few hours of some productivity. It took me a while to build the set, although it was kind of crappy, but it was mostly wasted anyway because it’s not visible in the photos.

You can imagine the lines yourself, haha. :’D

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The Darkness and the Light

I just got this huge urge to photograph these two for a change. The perfect couple. (´ ▽`).。o♡ Might be because I’ve been thinking about their future a bit and I have something planned for Null, probably… I have a ton of storylines for these two actually (cause I love them) but I have to decide carefully what to do with the actual storyline. x3

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I took some more of less random Sebille x Null photos today. I actually managed to go outside, but the weather wasn’t as nice as I’d hoped. I’ll re-do this eventually, probably because I’m not really happy with the photos. But it was so nice to be outside for a change that I just kept on going although I knew the photos weren’t coming out that well. I had a very dolliful weekend for a change, actually.

Next weekend I need to be working on doll related things for our local museum (I’m taking a few of my dolls there for a few months to be a part of an exhibition), so I might not have time to take photos for myself.

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