Summer sun

… and the lack of it, lol. Went on a photography trip with local doll friends and the weather was a bit indecisive, so the colors and the light in these is all over the place. Also have to take some more Saya photos later.

We were a spectacle for local fishermen cause we drove to a marina for some peaceful photography (beaches way too full). Whenever we go out, at least one of us ends up explaining about dolls to random people, lol. xD

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Beach babes~

I have some Yuyu & friends photos from this same weekend as well, but I haven’t managed to edit them yet. It’s a pain sitting in front of the computer.. it’s effin’ 29°C in my room (and it’s even hotter outside) and although I have a fan blowing at me non-stop, I’m dying. If I leave here it’s even worse. =__= Finnish houses are not built to keep the heat outside. I have zero energy to do anything whatsoever, and yet I’d have a ton of things to do. Mainly working on commissions, but it takes all my energy to just not die. I’m not built for this weather either.

Anyway, mizya‘s Ren is visiting in these photos. We worked on her swimsuit together the day before and then took both beach babes to the lake. :P

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Saya has something new. A new bust that is. Unfortunately she can’t really take full advantage of it because the DDdy lower torso is so goddamn long and fortified that the chest part just can not move under it. At least her neck and shoulders pose now but that’s about it. (Yes, swapped to a silicone bust.) The bust could also be a bit prettier: I wish there was some more ‘flesh’ in the underboob area so that she wouldn’t get the boob-joint effect. It’s really prominent on her, too, looks like she has symnastia, which tends to be more of a problem with boob-jointed dolls with a small bust, not a large one. But yeah, that’s what she seems to have now. So clothes it is at all times.

Testing her lingerie here. The bra is a prototype and needs some fixes, it doesn’t sit as well as it could. So sorry the colours are all over the place and horrible. Bad background colour and lacking indoor light does it.

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Belated apple blossoms ( part 1 )

I’ve completely forgotten to post these (mostly because they’re repetitive). We had a local meet up at the apple tree park in Kuokkala on June 11. There were snacks and plenty of people and dolls around, as well as some annoying disruptions (drone flyers >_>*). However, since we were at a shooting location, most of everyone spent time taking photos of their own dolls and occasionally gathering in the middle to talk. We didn’t take a group photo, but there were a ton of different skin colours, sizes and types of dolls around. :3 I think I only had DDs + Avis with me but because of the lighting conditions, didn’t manage much photos.
I also have some photos from the days before, when I went with Mizya to check out the stage of blooming, but I’m not sure if I’ve even edited those (I need to check them out and post if there’s anything worth posting). It was too sunny all through the blooming season and thus hard to photograph dolls.

These are all different colours because they had to be edited a lot. =__=

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Cold days keep on coming

Whoo, long time no see. I took some Yami photos at New Years but forgot to post them here. They’ll come later, though, because this is another DD entry. I’ve been inactive with dolls for many weeks now, but the days are finally getting longer and I’m hoping that would motivate me to photograph more. However, it’s been so insanely cold that long photo sessions are out. Today I braved the -25°C weather and took Saya and Yuyu out for a few quick outdoor photos. Yuyu just doesn’t really have good winter clothes and Saya’s coat needs to be shortened (I made it for Sigrun originally and so that a long skirt fits underneath). But at least I did something, right?

I have a TON of stuff to sew, including commissions, but it’s been so cold I haven’t gotten to go to the fabric store either, although I was supposed to go last week. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when it’s cold, but it also causes all sorts of problems like the car not starting, and having to put on a TON of clothes and then sweating like a pig indoors in the stores. =__= Not a fan of feeling hot.
I should also repaint Kiyori because I’m not very happy with her atm. But getting her the right colour eyes soon should also help. :3

Anyway, Yuyu went out and clearly wasn’t prepared for the cold, while Saya had no problems!

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My dad had to drive up north for a meeting today, so I tagged along to keep him company for the long drive. I had Sayaka and Avis with me and my camera + various lenses but on the way our schedule was really tight and the way back was a race against the setting sun. But I don’t know when I’ll get to visit the area again because we no longer have relatives up there… Maybe if we go see our patch of land all the way in Kuivaniemi? I don’t know.

Anyway, I got to take Sayaka out on two different occasions: once on the way and once on the way back during the sunset. I had a third chance too, but it was cold and I felt lazy -besides it was already dark. Avis stayed in the bag the whole time, poor thing.

First spot: The Center of Finland.

I succumbed to tourism and Saya is showing the plaque, awesome. The actual spot is some 7km off this place, but they built it here along the road in the late fifties to make it into a tourist spot.

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Cardigans & lingerie

I’ve been sewing a lot lately and I still have more to sew. But I’m taking a break for a little while before getting back to some stuff I have lying around half-finished.

Today, I photographed what I finished yesterday: Cardigans for Etsy.

I’ve also made each of my DD girls a lingerie set with bra patterns from Dollybird magazine. A few of the patterns need some alterations to work better (mainly the L size), but they’re a good base to work on. Also, I’d be way too lazy to make each bust size their own pattern, so… yeah. I’m getting Yuyu an S bust so her bra is a little small on her and Saya’s bra is also a bit small though I followed the pattern. Saya’s panties are also old ones from a few months ago, but I made the new bra to match them (they’re just not very flattering anyhow).

Sooo, the girls ended up posing in their lingerie + cardigans. :P
Oh right, and Saya also got a new L bust (had the shapely previously). However, I think I want to switch it to the flat one they’re releasing soon, so I won’t mod this one ike I did her other one (=nipples gone).

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Summer is here, though it’s cloudy.

Real DD spam here. o/ I added some clothing pieced to Saya’s dress and it turned really casual so I wanted to take more photos of her, although I’m not 100% happy with her eyes or wig. But I like playing with her because she’s got so many different hands and her torso doesn’t get cut in half all the time. Though, I fixed Yuyu’s torso too, and it’s much more sturdy now. She just needs new clothing. But I did have her guest star in Saya’s shoot.

On a random note: I got my first doll exactly 10 years ago today. :D

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2 anime girls now

My first DD head now has a body. If you remember my first DD post with the table-flip story of how I hunted Yuyuka down, you might be happy to hear that I didn’t go through as much trouble with this body. Volks finally properly re-stocked all the bodies and most busts last month. I couldn’t afford one right away, but then I sold Fenrir’s body and went for Saya’s (I changed her name from Satsuki to Sayaka). I noticed that the semi-white DDdy bodies were running low on stock, so I got her one of those and a DDIII shapely L bust.

I know I was supposed to get a DDIII with an L bust, and I still want one, but the 07 head is huge and I really like how curvy the DDdy is, so I got that one instead. I still don’t like chest joints becauce they’re stiff, but oh well. With DD’s the joints are in the same place as in the other models (cause the inner frame is the same), but the higher hip piece does make it a lot more stiff. But she’s so curvy I forgive her. :P I always thought I would never get a DDdy because I don’t like the boobs like at all, but then I realized I could get a DDIII bust and just cut is shorter and then the curves really started tempting me. The fit is actually better than with the original bust IMO. It had huge gaps but this one doesn’t have any. I still want a DD with the DDIII body but I don’t know which one yet. I’d like a 05 head, but more than that I’d want one of the limiteds I’ve been pining after. We’ll see.

Oh, and I also have a 06 head, but I’m not yet sure what I’ll do with her. She can borrow Saya’s body for now, because I’m not sure if she’ll ever get one of her own. I still need more hands for my girls, too… when I can afford them.

This is the photo that made me decide that I needed to get her a body of her own (she’s on Yuyu’s NS body here). I updated her face up, put the Volks eyes back in her and tried this old wig on her and magic, I loved her. Although I’d previously been a bit mehh about her. Still, I might want to re-do the face once again at some point.

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