Spring is here

Ahem, I knew there was a “snowstorm” coming today, so I was ready for some winter photos. Unfortunately the snow was kind of disappointing: instead of large snowflakes we got these really fast small ones in hordes. Luckily they did show up in photos, but half of them disappeared from the resized ones. < (`^´)>

I also had some setbacks: right as I was going outside with dolls in both hands and props + accessories in my arms, I managed to drop Seere’s Cuprit crown and it snapped in half. I had to superglue it back on with all my winter gear on and I got all drenched in sweat even before I was outside. And out in the forest my reflector decided to resign. Sigh. Had to fix that when I went back inside but it was no use after the first half of the photos. It was also snowing so much that everything kept getting covered and wet.

Then, the shoot itself took a strange turn, as you can see below. Tanith, look what you’re making Llyr do now that you’re no longer here. (。•́︿•̀。)

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Preview: Seere & the winter

I took Seere out the other day because the weather seemed nice. However, it got cloudy and started snowing as soon as I got outside, so I will be re-doing this shoot, and I’ll have someone else with her too. I also have plans for a wintery Sigrun shoot. I’ll be doing both once the weather gets cold again and we get some new snow. Right now all the snow has fallen off the trees and the snow is full of holes and stuff that’s fallen off the trees.

I hope to be able to re-do this soon. x3

Gun style

Oh look, more Seere. x3

I gave her Taniths arms because I just can’t stand the renewed elbows. With Tanith they work a bit better because she’s strung more loosely and her fingers are thicker so I don’t have to be constantly afraid of breaking them when the arms snap all over the place by themselves.
I’ll only switch back if I need to so a shoot where Tanith’s arms need to pose naturally, lol.

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