I went and sold Tanith. I had a feeler on her on the Finnish forum because I’ve been thinking about selling her on-off for over a year now. And since the stories last year, she’s no longer needed for them, there’s nothing holding her here. I feel sad I won’t have her for Llyr anymore and I’ll miss her colour scheme and clothing style a lot (might bring her back or a similar character home some day). And now that she’s gone, I keep finding outfits that would be great on her. ^^;;;

Anyway, I couldn’t bring myself to put her up for sale officially so I had the feeler up. There were some people interested in parts of her, and then someone contacted me that they wanted the full doll and the Breccia parts. So, she left pretty quickly, I just took some photos of her first and checked her condition and fixed her up a bit. :3

It’s so strange that there’s one empty space in my doll shelf now. Except it’ll be filled when I get Lin back from mizya. :’D

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Our journey

I photographed some Llyr for a change. And of course Tanith was there too. This time she didn’t manage to steal the show, at least. xD I also re-made her top a few days ago, because the old one was just so embarrassingly bad. Llyr also got a new sleeveless and a vest but they were so plain (and the vest ended up too tight because of a mistake I made with the pattern) that I had to combine his outfit with a lot of weird things. It’s such a strange mismatch of stuff now. xD

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Purple everywhere

I got two Leeke packages today. Two, because I combined two orders, but at the same time they sent me an invoice for the new order, they shipped the previous one. So, I asked them ‘wtf?’ and they sent the other two wigs separately (without shipping cost to me) the next day. Thanks to the weekend they came on the same day, although the second one only hit Finland yesterday (and the first one came on Saturday). xD

We (Mizya & I)have decided to pull our Leeke wigs together and take a giant comparison of all the colours we have. I’ll be posting that later. It’ll include over 30 colours, including most of their basic colours and a lot of limited ones. :3

Tanith sporting her new wig, which luckily photographs darker than it is:

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Story: Finale -part 1

Alright… we’re finally at the end of a chapter. Ending part one. I couldn’t have done this without help from mizya. She helped me drag everyone and my tools to the forest, helped me with the poses so that I didn’t have to worry about the dolls falling while I was shooting, and assisted with certain key shots and the super fabulous (right) battle. :D Thanks to her I managed to wrap this up (including the coming part2) in just about 2,5 hours. It cost us some finger freezing and a total toe freeze… twice. But I think it was worth it. Don’t know about anyone else, though. Comments would be greatly appreciated. :D


This was finally the moment. But neither of them had expected it to come this way.

The Hunter was alone.

No army, not even another soldier anywhere. Llyr had scanned the area thoroughly with his eyes that penetrated everything, and had seen no demons in hiding.

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Story: Soon

They were back, with great anticipation in the air. The pair had trained and rested plenty, and now the fragment dimension created by Llyr had vanished.

Their only choices were to either run or stay and stand their ground against the Clan.

It was strange to be back. The air and the scents were different. As were the sounds.

This reality was much clearer, while the fragment had been musty and almost smothering with all the magic in the air. Here Tanith could breathe freely

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