Tea Time

And MORE Yami. I took some Kilbas photos outside a few days ago but I’m not happy with them, so I never re-sized them. I’ll re-shoot him once I fix his outfit up. He got a new face up too, so he’ll look even better next time. Cx

But for now more similar Yami photos. I need to sew for her too, but before I need to make two coats and some more pieces to Kilbas’ outfit.

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Story: The Spider’s Lair

Oookay, let’s introduce Maramayami in a story. >:3 I’ve planned this ages ago already but I was waiting for a day with proper sunshine.


The lair was dimly lit with a few scented candles burning a surprisingly flowery scent into the air.

The Spider was there and she was everything she was described as and more.

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The Spider

My lovely (okay, not so much) new demon lady… mistress… female something has arrived. On New Year’s Eve actually. She’s a spider, a huge one at that (like Seere is a giant scorpion) and goes by many, many names, some of the most common being Marama, Mara, Yami, Maramayami and Jorogumo in Japan, Anansi in Africa. She’s been around, but has preferred to stay in Asia most of her life, unlike Seere who’s travelled all over the globe. Mara loves being worshipped and feared and enjoys herself anywhere where superstitions are still strong in people’s minds.

So, without further ado…

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