Belated apple blossoms ( part 1 )

I’ve completely forgotten to post these (mostly because they’re repetitive). We had a local meet up at the apple tree park in Kuokkala on June 11. There were snacks and plenty of people and dolls around, as well as some annoying disruptions (drone flyers >_>*). However, since we were at a shooting location, most of everyone spent time taking photos of their own dolls and occasionally gathering in the middle to talk. We didn’t take a group photo, but there were a ton of different skin colours, sizes and types of dolls around. :3 I think I only had DDs + Avis with me but because of the lighting conditions, didn’t manage much photos.
I also have some photos from the days before, when I went with Mizya to check out the stage of blooming, but I’m not sure if I’ve even edited those (I need to check them out and post if there’s anything worth posting). It was too sunny all through the blooming season and thus hard to photograph dolls.

These are all different colours because they had to be edited a lot. =__=

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Random photos entry 1/2

I’m just throwing in DD’s and Azones into this thing, because I don’t want to make three separate entries. Sorry. :P (I tend to like things well categorized but sometimes there’s gotta be exceptions.) These two doll types are close enough anyway. The few BJD photos I have will get a second entry.

I had a long pause from dolls where I didn’t do much, but in the past month or two, I’ve been more active again and although I haven’t done many full shoots, I have single photos of several of my dolls. So, I’ll be posting all of those here for now. There are just 1-3 of each set, so it doesn’t make much sense to give them their own entries.

Starting with Yuyuka. I re-did her face up and I was taking test photos of her here. But the face photos were boring, so I didn’t resize any of those. I need to take new ones soon.

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Cold days keep on coming

Whoo, long time no see. I took some Yami photos at New Years but forgot to post them here. They’ll come later, though, because this is another DD entry. I’ve been inactive with dolls for many weeks now, but the days are finally getting longer and I’m hoping that would motivate me to photograph more. However, it’s been so insanely cold that long photo sessions are out. Today I braved the -25°C weather and took Saya and Yuyu out for a few quick outdoor photos. Yuyu just doesn’t really have good winter clothes and Saya’s coat needs to be shortened (I made it for Sigrun originally and so that a long skirt fits underneath). But at least I did something, right?

I have a TON of stuff to sew, including commissions, but it’s been so cold I haven’t gotten to go to the fabric store either, although I was supposed to go last week. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when it’s cold, but it also causes all sorts of problems like the car not starting, and having to put on a TON of clothes and then sweating like a pig indoors in the stores. =__= Not a fan of feeling hot.
I should also repaint Kiyori because I’m not very happy with her atm. But getting her the right colour eyes soon should also help. :3

Anyway, Yuyu went out and clearly wasn’t prepared for the cold, while Saya had no problems!

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Gloomy School Days

Ookay, I’ve been eyeing this Sadol school jacket ever since it was released but I didn’t have a doll to wear it back then. And once I did, I couldn’t afford to order from them. But a few weeks ago I finally did it: got the jacket, skirt, socks and super cute shoes. I need to make a few shirts to go under this, this is Sebille’s. Well, I planned on making them beforehand, but I got lazy and I have so much other stuff to sew too.

So glad this package arrived today. I was SO nervous because our postal service is failing with a package I have coming from Japan. It might be returning to sender -or not, they don’t even know at the customer service ¤”%#/”½!! I’m really worried for ANY packages right now actually, because of all the strikes and ongoing battles with the employers and employees and untrained workers and whatever. Some days we don’t even seem to get the daily mail into our box. But seriously, I will flip my shit if they return that damn package without even allowing the seize and re-deliver order I had them make take into effect. I’ve paid taxes for it and everything. If it does get retuned, I will see if I can just get refunded and the taxes returned because I don’t want to pay shipping again and play with customs again. Ugh.

But back to my Sadol package. I also got a little something for Null in it, but I think I’ll need to wait for some kind of snow before taking photos. I have an idea in mind. :3

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Cardigans & lingerie

I’ve been sewing a lot lately and I still have more to sew. But I’m taking a break for a little while before getting back to some stuff I have lying around half-finished.

Today, I photographed what I finished yesterday: Cardigans for Etsy.

I’ve also made each of my DD girls a lingerie set with bra patterns from Dollybird magazine. A few of the patterns need some alterations to work better (mainly the L size), but they’re a good base to work on. Also, I’d be way too lazy to make each bust size their own pattern, so… yeah. I’m getting Yuyu an S bust so her bra is a little small on her and Saya’s bra is also a bit small though I followed the pattern. Saya’s panties are also old ones from a few months ago, but I made the new bra to match them (they’re just not very flattering anyhow).

Sooo, the girls ended up posing in their lingerie + cardigans. :P
Oh right, and Saya also got a new L bust (had the shapely previously). However, I think I want to switch it to the flat one they’re releasing soon, so I won’t mod this one ike I did her other one (=nipples gone).

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I’ve had a mini-hiatus from dolls. I actually sold the Big Dipper I received a while ago, because I just couldn’t get around to painting it and I felt bad about buying it in the first place. It wasn’t a planned purchase, and since I bought Ivy at the same time, it ended up as a pretty costly order, while I wasn’t very well off financially. I’d still need to get more stuff sold to feel better, too. I need to sew a lot. For sale and for my own dolls. =__=;;

A few days ago, I found an old music love again. A band I loved as a kid and when I was growing up, but that I hadn’t really listened to in a few years. I just put all the albums I have on my playlist and have been listening them about non-stop today and a few days ago too (Mizya visited here inbetween). It’s really nostalgic and lifting my spirits. Also the fact that I have some peace and quiet for like a week really invigorates me and hopefully gives me new energy to work.

Anyway, like I mentioned, Mizya visited. We had plans for a good amount of photos, but the postal service kind of ruined that by not getting a package to the PO fast enough. Mizy picked that up first and then came here and it was evening already then. Grr. But we went out later anyway and visited this old quarry again. However, we were a little late and the sun set behind the treeline before we were completely done. There were lots more photos I still wanted to take but alas, we ran out of time.

Before the quarry we visited the lake, and although be basically had the beach to ourselves (it’s been quite cool so no swimmers) we didn’t feel like taking photos because sun was so low and it was gloomy. Instead we wathed a crow family play around. :’D

This is all the photos I managed (I kind of wished that I’d taken Saya, but maybe I’ll go there again once she has better eyes?):

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Summer is here, though it’s cloudy.

Real DD spam here. o/ I added some clothing pieced to Saya’s dress and it turned really casual so I wanted to take more photos of her, although I’m not 100% happy with her eyes or wig. But I like playing with her because she’s got so many different hands and her torso doesn’t get cut in half all the time. Though, I fixed Yuyu’s torso too, and it’s much more sturdy now. She just needs new clothing. But I did have her guest star in Saya’s shoot.

On a random note: I got my first doll exactly 10 years ago today. :D

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Yuyu changes her hair?

Posting some backlogged Yuyu snapshots. I’m still trying to get along with her, so I’ve been doing wig and eye tests on her. Something about her is not quite working for me, so I’m trying to find what it is.
The first thing I should do is order some wigs but damnit, I can never afford that. I have an expensive figure I have to pay at the end of the month (the figure that actually tipped me over into the figure world, damn him!!) so I really can’t make a wig order unless I get stuff sold. Sighh. My doll funds are at a zero and I’m actually thinking of selling my Big Dipper that arrived a while ago because I just can’t seem to get to painting it. =__=

Anyway, Yuyu cuteness:

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Quick stand tests. Also a few older portraits. I’m waiting for new eyes for Yuyu that should FINALLY be up to my quality standards (I hope the fit is good as well). They’re a slightly wrong colour, but the seller didn’t have the right kind of purple, so I’ll have to live with them. But anything to be rid of these sucky WDS eyes. They’re so damn dull. =__= And then I’ll need to hunt down some nice eyes for Satsuki as well. Ugh.

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What is this? a DD?

Oh yess! Finally, I was able to get one. There was a Dollfie Dream Sirius in my very first doll meet 10 years ago and ever since I handled her, I’ve wanted one. Actually that is probably when I decided that some day I would get one. Well, it is now 10 years later and I got one (well sort of 2). My resin collection is in such a state that I don’t have that many ‘important’ things to buy so I could finally go for one.

Missä on kaikki suomalaiset Dollfie Dream porukat?? Hartsiin ei saa enää postata (typerää) enkä osaa blogejakaan selata miljoonaa läpi *fail*. Tulisin jutskaamaan, mutta olen huono tuppautumaan. :I

I’ve been thinking about DDs all this time, but because the timing was never right, I didn’t really pay attention to the molds that much. Not before earlier this year at least. There are so many limiteds but because Volks hasn’t released any that I’ve liked in a while and they’re so damn expensive in the second hand market, I first looked at the basic models. And decided to go for a DDH-07 for my versatile girl that can do almost any style shoot. But then I spotted a DDH-09 custom at an auction with an absolutely adorable :I -kinda expression and I knew I needed that mold too. It’s now my favorite out of the basic ones and I really wouldn’t mind having another one either. I’m just sad they apparently only come in NS. I have a few limited faces I like too and might replace my Satsuki (DDH-07) with one some day, but for now I’ll have these two basic girls.

Anyway, this girl is the DDH-09, named Yuyuka. She’s on the DDS body with medium bust because I didn’t want both girls to have the same one. I bought the head and body separately and the body is used but it’s in beautiful condition (I found one small stain from her arm). I didn’t have much competition in the bidding, so in the end she cost less than a basic doll would from Volks. ♥ (Even though I paid like double price for the head because you can’t get a DDH-09 from Volks’ webstore.) More photos below the cut and a long-ish rant-story of how she came to be. (Oh yes, being poetic, but believe me, hunting her down was not poetic at all.) I would’ve taken box opening photos but it was really dark and she came blank, so I passed on that.

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