Selling ( 5.10.20 )

Listing some stuff I have for sale. Prices DO NOT include shipping (from Finland).
>> I accept Paypal & European/Finnish bank transfers.
>> Most prices are negotiable

Also please see my Store for my new handmade BJD & Azone outfits. There’s also a used category with some of these same items. I can also sell them outside of the shop together with something from this post, so that there won’t be double shipping fees.

Shoot me if you’re interested in something and we’ll talk. In Finnish or English is fine. :3

Dollzone Mo

Old tan skin Mo on the old ¼ boy body. I bought him second hand in 2007, no certificate cause they weren’t made then yet. His seams have been sanded off (by Dollzone from that time), which has left the body with quite a bit of scratches/discoloration. It’s how I got him, but I did even out the face by fully sanding it. It’s still not perfect but hides under a face up just fine. I tried to catch the unevennes in photos but it wasn’t easy, so just know that it’s there. Also, I had a friend re-position and reshape his hands to make them a bit more elegant. They also have sanding marks on them. He has yellowed, I’m sure, but it’s mostly even. It’s hard to tell due to the discoloration from the sanding.
He’s had a face up, body blush, tattoos and sueding. I’ve cleaned him of the painting etc. but there’s still some face up residue in the deeper creases and glue residue left in some of his joints that I couldn’t get out. Also there was a scratch on his buttcheek, didn’t notice others but I can’t guarrantee that there aren’t any. He also has the old headcap system where the hook attaches straight to the headcap. I’ve made a notch for the hook to sit at the neck and then attached the headcap with an elastic but it doesn’t sit perfectly like this.
The doll is old, so expect some imperfections.

I have a Dollzone box and I assume it’s his, but I will likely have to unstring him and ship him in a smaller box to keep the shipping costs decent. It will depend on your location and what methods I can use for shipping atm.

Asking 180 Euros

Doll parts

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Doll stuff

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