Category: Humans #2


Full name: Fenrir Wolfe Nick: Loupe, Wolf, Fenfen Head type: Elysium Lud-N Body type: – Skin: normal Makeup: by me Age: 26-ish Birthday: 07/11 Birth place: France Gender: male   Profile: Fenrir is a very sociable person and pretty much likes everyone. He’s one of three children and despite being the oldest, he’s the least […]

Lin Xiang

Full name: Xie Lin Xiang Head type: K-Doll Karon & Kamyu (=sleepy head) Body type: Luts/CP Delf boy body (type 1) Skin: white Makeup: by me Age: 23 Birthday: 20/07 Birth place: Beijing, China Gender: male   Profile: Lin Xiang is a shy university student, studying in Finland. It’s also where he met Fenrir and […]


令士 Nick: Rei, Jii Head type: Elysium Ban Body type: Luts SDF boy body Skin: normal Makeup: by me Customizations: body blushing, lip ring, both ears pierced four times. Birthday: 18/10 Birth place: Unknown Age: 22 Gender: Male   Profile: Reiji probably isn’t the cleverest person around, but he sure is fun to be with […]


Демьян Брилев Full name: Demyan “Snake” Brilev Nick: The Snake Head type: Dollshe Rosen Body type: DS18M Skin: Pale tan Makeup: by me customizations: bodyblush, scars Age: 31 Birthday: 28/04 Birth place: unknown Gender: male   Assassin rank description: The poisonous and devilish Serpent Profile: Demyan is cold-hearted beyond belief. He cares about no-one and […]


Nick: Cam, Cammie Type: MsDoll Pan Skin: normal Makeup: by me customizations: none Age: 4 Birthday: 19/05 Birth place: Finland Gender: female   Profile Camille is Sebille and Null’s daughter. She’s outgoing and cheerful like her mother. She loves animals and is very resourceful and demanding.


Full name: unknown Type: Dollshe IM Hound Skin: normal Makeup: by me Customizations: body blushing, frown and eyelids sanded, various scars around the body Age: late-twenties Birthday: 24/04 Birth place: unknown Gender: male   Profile Null is quiet and seems cold. He doesn’t speak much, nor pay attention to others. At times he seems rather […]


Nick: Seb, Seby Head type: Angelregion Diana Body type: Withdoll Senior (small bust) Skin: normal Makeup: by me Customizations: body blushing, ears pierced Birthday: 03/03 Birth place: Finland Age: 22 Gender: Female   Profile: Sebille is a Finnish girl named after her French grandmother. Although, she knows how to speak several languages, she hardly ever […]