Nick: Kheperer
Head type: Luts/CP Lu-Wen vampire
Body type: B&G 1/3 boy (old)
Skin: white
Makeup: by me
customizations: claw-mods
Age: 3400-ish
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: City of Ish-Dal
Race: Demon (An-Khanian)
Gender: male


Khepre is a patient, meticulous and a calm personality, but he was known to be quite rash in his youth. Above all else he was curious, which caused him to break many of the rules of his clan. In the end, his studies and research took him to a whole new world and eveyone that knew him in his old one, assumed he had died. He is still curious and always seeks new knowledge, but he no longer pursues it as vigorously as he did when he was young. He harbors much resentment to his brother-in-law, who let his sister die, but he also blames himself for having been gone when it happened. What he fears most is that his lifespan will be over before he has attained everything he seeks in life.