Nick: Nox
Head type: Migidoll Vampire Ell
Body type:
Skin: white
Makeup: by me
customizations: nose and lips re-shaping
Age: 900-ish
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: Town of Ksalik
Race: Demon (An-Khanian)
Gender: male


Noxnion is a proud member of his clan. He has been raised with the knowledge that his lineage comes from the Holy City of Ish-Dal and that he is more important than other demons. His marriage to Somlera was arranged, as she too, comes from the city -her brother (Khepre) was actually born there. She was a suitable bride in both looks, raising and social standing. Their son, however, became a terrible disappointment to Noxnion, as he was disobedient, rude and always escaping from his studies. Neither of his parents could keep him in check, and once the boys’ mother died, he became simply impossible. Nox told him to leave and never come back after one of this more serious stunts. After that he never saw his son again, but he certainly heard of his exploits. In the end, he caused ultimate shame to his family and was banished. The stain of his betrayal would never wash away, which has left Noxnion angry and bitter at his wifes whole family. Such a faulty product could not have come from his noble lineage.