Full name: Shirogane Lilya
Maiden name: Lilja Rosaliina Kivinen
Nick: Lily
Head type: Iplehouse Isar
Body type: DIM G.S.E large bust
Skin: white
Makeup: by me
Customizations: body blushing (+freckles), sueding, torso modification
Birthday: 29/01
Birth place: Finland
Age: 22
Gender: Female


Lilya is talkative and a little rash. She’s confident although she knows she has many faults, such as being blunt and nosey.

Lilya is a Finnish girl, who had a typical Finnish upbringing and a nice circle of childhood friends whom she rarely meets anymore. She’s had many differend friends from different ethnic groups at certain points of her life, and has learned to respect people’s differences. She was in an exhange student program during lukio (=high school) and has since gone by the name Lilya, instead of her real birthname Lilja. She found that it was easier to change the spelling of her name than to explain how to pronounce the name to every new person she met. It also proved useful after she got her job in the international marketing firm. Lily got the job through her university studies as a trainee, moved then to part time and then to full time, leaving her studies to the side. She’s had a few boyfriends (the first at age 16), some of them more serious than others but none ever worked. She’d been busy with work and school the past few years and her relationship with her current boyfriend had gone rather bad. So, when she moved to the boarding house, she also broke up with him to be able to start over. And she did. She found a Japanese boyfriend (Hisoka) with whom she eventually moved in together and got married.