Full name: Choi Ye Rin
Head type: Souldoll Jina
Body type:
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Customizations: eye & nose shape
Birthday: 23/02
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Age: 28
Gender: Female


Ye Rin is a little insecure due to not really being very good at anything other than baking. She’s also very clumsy, especially when flustered, but she’s still outwardly cheerful and has a contagious laugh. She has a very large circle of friends -most of whom are guys due to her University major. All through her life, she’s struggled to find something she loves doing and is also good at. She’s been let go of several jobs due to the hazards she’s posed (such as pouring customers’ drinks on them as a waitress), and the only job she’s had where clumsiness wasn’t an issue (sports reporter) was not something she enjoyed very much. She is currently in a fresh relationship, working part-time at a flower shop and taking night classes.