Демьян Брилев

Full name: Demyan “Snake” Brilev
Nick: The Snake
Head type: Dollshe Rosen
Body type: DS18M
Skin: Pale tan
Makeup: by me
customizations: bodyblush, scars
Age: 31
Birthday: 28/04
Birth place: unknown
Gender: male


Assassin rank description: The poisonous and devilish Serpent

Demyan is cold-hearted beyond belief. He cares about no-one and anything he ever does, he does for himself only. He is not capable of love, nor does he understand the meaning. Demyan has not realized that nobody likes him, and often ‘offers’ his unwanted company to others. He keeps looking for partnerships without understanding what it means to care, and whoever gets involved with him is usually later found dead somewhere without a trace of evidence left on the body.
He has created himself a path in his career (assassination) and aims for the very top -which he has almost reached with just a few men standing in his way. He believes the more he is feared the more power he holds, and there is only one man in the company who is as feared as he is; Null. Demyan is constantly trying to even the score and get the lead, but he has been unsuccesfull at it thus far.

Demyan’s birthplace is unknown, but he was adopted by a Russian couple and was raised in Moscow.