Full name: Fenrir Wolfe
Nick: Loupe, Wolf, Fenfen
Head type: Elysium Lud-N
Body type:
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Age: 26-ish
Birthday: 07/11
Birth place: France
Gender: male


Fenrir is a very sociable person and pretty much likes everyone. He’s one of three children and despite being the oldest, he’s the least responsible. He doesn’t really act his age and although he’s shown that he can be independent, he likes to depend on others. Not necessarily because he likes it, but because he likes the company of others. Keeping track of how his mind work is hard, even to those who know him the best (=Sebille and his brother, Skoll).

Fenrir is originally from France but he has travelled around the world throughout his life. Then, when he turned 18 he left his home permanently. While visiting Korea he crossed paths with a bright and beautiful girl from Finland, Sebille. When they met she was roughly sixteen years old and in a very emotional state caused by the people around her. Fenrir felt obligated to help her out. Not only did he end up helping her, he also befriended her. Loupe, as Sebille calls him, found the first true friend he had ever had. Though, as he wasn’t the staying still type he left Korea again, but returned many times during the following few years -just to see his friend.
Fenrir has a brother named Skoll, whom he hasn’t seen in years but to whom he receives letters from and a sister named Hati. He is not in good terms with his sister due to having left the family, which she is quite bitter about.

Other info:
Fenrir’s parents were interested in northern mythologies and ended up taking the names of their children from them. Fenrir is named after the Norse wolf beast, son of Loki (also knows as Fenrisulfr). He was bound by gods but was destined to grow too large. The gods became worried of the growth of this monstrous beast and attempted to chain him. Twice they failed but then Odin (the ‘chief’ god) had the dwarfs forge a special chain (Gleipnir) that appeared as silk ribbon. Fenrir suspected something when he saw the ‘chain’ and agreed to be bound to it only if one of the gods placed their hand in his mouth as a pledge to free him if he fails to free himself. Týr (the god of combat) placed his hand between the wolf’s jaws, and as Fenrir was unable to break free from the chain he bit Týr’s hand off.
When the battle of the end of the world (=Ragnarök) arrives, Fenrir is destined to break free. By then he will be so enormous that his upper jaw touches the sky and the other scrapes earth when he opens his mouth. He will devour Odin and be slain by the god’s son, Vidar (Viðarr).