Full name: unknown
Type: Dollshe IM Hound
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Customizations: body blushing, frown and eyelids sanded, various scars around the body
Age: late-twenties
Birthday: 24/04
Birth place: unknown
Gender: male


Null is quiet and seems cold. He doesn’t speak much, nor pay attention to others. At times he seems rather sinister and murderous. People don’t go near him, so there isn’t much more to say to what he is like, as nobody really knows.

His origin is unknown but what is known is that he has been an assassin since a very young age. That was also the time when he got his current name. His birth name is unknown to everyone but himself and the few close people he has in his life. His father was an assassin and he, himself became one, although he held hatred for him due to an incident in his childhoof. He started out with small jobs but over the years they got more difficult and paid more. Null has lived in numerous countries and owns over ten different houses around the word, he has however, grown tired of his job and has decided to retire to a faraway country where he has never worked before and where there is no chance of anybody ever knowing who he really is.

Other info:
Null is the first doll I got whose character is based on an older character of mine. He’s been in countless stories I’ve created for my own amusement. And even after getting the doll and doing photostories with him, I’ve been writing alternate stories of him -some fantasy, some not. One of the storylines is very long (around 50+ pages) and I might actually make a part of it canon for my doll story.