Nick: Rei, Jii
Head type: Elysium Ban
Body type: Luts SDF boy body
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Customizations: body blushing, lip ring, both ears pierced four times.
Birthday: 18/10
Birth place: Unknown
Age: 22
Gender: Male


Reiji probably isn’t the cleverest person around, but he sure is fun to be with —if you get to know him. To outsiders he might seem the calm and quiet type, but in reality he is quite cocky and very much full of himself. Despite the fact that he spends quite a lot of time making sure that he looks cool on camera, he is caring to other people and seeks their company. And yes, he does love the camera.
He has stuck with a punk-ish lots-of-dark-colours-leather-and-spikes-that-make-him-look-like-a-j-rocker -look. He also plays several instruments and sings.
Reiji isn’t, like said, a straight A student (-who knows if he ever even went to school) but he is smart in his own way. He doesn’t do things that collide with the law and keeps things to himself if it is needed. He is honest and attracts people with his carefree attitude towards life and responsibilities.

Little is known about Reiji’s past. He never talks about what he did before or where he came from. All that he has told us is that he travelled around different countries, mainly in Asia but also in Europe and North-America. It’s not even sure if he himself knows what country he is from originally or who his parents were.