The Hunter was following a trail that disappeared and appeared again. It was slow going and he didn't seem to be getting much closer, although he was a master at hunting prey.

He had been at it most of the summer once he had recovered. But weeks had turned into months and summer was turning into autumn. And still no prey.

Yet, death was in his mind.

"How petty you are." spoke a liquid voice.

Kilbas groaned in his mind and turned to look.

He'd felt the Scorpion close a while ago, but had hoped she would pass him.

"To go against the honorable Hunter's code and not report a betrayal for the sake of your own vendetta..." she mocked.

Kilbas grunted.

"Even your priorities are shifted... I thougth you were supposed to be hunting monster deer, and yet this is what you're doing..." She sighed theathrically, "It was just a little stab, not even close to being fatal. Let it go."

The Hunter took a menacing step closer, his bony legs scraping against the foliage.

"And now look at you... like death itself."

"This One does not need your commentary." he hissed, removing his hood.

"Oh, save me the sermon. I know what you are about."

"What do you want?"
"I came to see if you'd like to know where she is... or was yesterday. That would get you a week closer than you are now."

He was tempted, though he'd never admit it. The Hunter had too much pride.
"And what do you want?" he repeated his question.

"Oh, I'd just like my little toy back for a while. I haven't seen him all summer~" she reached her long fingers alluringly towards the demon's chin.

But Kilbas grabbed her wrist and squeezed it hard before she could touch him.

"You had no right to take the boy." he growled.

"I recall him coming to me willingly. Which is all thanks to you, for making his life a mess."

The demon yanked her hand away; "Do not take your anger out on me. It isn't my fault you let the two escape your grasp. I only thougth I could help."

While she was forwarding her own agenda, of course.

Kilbas glared at the scorpion, knowing full well she was right.

Finally, he turned away: "Leave. This One has prey to hunt."

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