Fractal world  

Out of the void, they appeared.

Tanith had not been prepared for the change in scenery at all. She was caught off balance.

"This is... where are we? I thought you were going to fix your vision?"

She looked around in awe.

Llyr's clawed fingers touched her cheek and pulled her to him.

"I see you perfectly."

"You do." she could see his eyes focus. They were still black like before, but very different from those blind eyes of the past months.

She could feel his gaze again.

"But where are we and why?"
"This place... is a fragment from my past."
"You made a whole world? Why didn't you do this before?"

"I didn't have enough power, and then, when it was given to me I couldn't control it."

He paused, "Don't get too excited. This is just a fragment, it won't last."

"But... it's so real."

She couldn't believe this was just a piece. It sounded and felt large enough.

She stopped, suddenly worried: "What will happen when it disappears?"

Would they go along with it? Would they be pulled into oblivion like how it happened to everything left in Llyr's world when it dissappeared? Perhaps that would be for the best...

"We are somewhere between worlds, and such places are not uncommon, but they can not last. The universe will attempt to empty the space again. So, once the walls are weak enough, it'll flood in and push everything out and back into existence."
"And us?"
"We'll be pushed back to where we came from."

Tanith was relieved, but she had an uneasy feeling in her gut, tugging at her insides.

The Huntress didn't know much about magics, but she did know that creating something like this must take tremendous amounts of energy. The uneasiness within her grew.

"Then... one more question: what will happen when you use all the magic you have?"
"...I will most likely fade away again. I can not exist without it."

"Then don't. Stop using it. This place is amazing, but it wasn't necessary. I could've kept a lookout and---"
"Tanith, I have to. If I don't let out the excess energy, it'll rip me open and escape forcefully."

And he'd needed to do something to let out enough to gain use of his eyes again. Seeing everything everywhere at once was not only incapacitating, but it also hurt him.

"But we can't go back to the same situation. Those two won't do the spell again--"

"I am not planning on letting that happen. I'm looking for a balance within myself."

He took a step down.

"And that's something that's possible?"

"I never had this much power before, and although I used magics for millenia I didn't run out. That was because I was well-balanced as a being of this world. I do not see why I couldn't be that way again."

"Then..." she dropped to her knees and touched him softly, "I'll help you."

"But no more new worlds, alright?"

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