Doll type: Withdoll Dark Vera
Skin: pale brown
Makeup: by me
Age: ~410
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: unknown
Race: Demon
Gender: female


A magical demon from an old family. Hexia has great talents in curses and potion making, but as soon as her sister, Era, was born and her talents became known, Hexia all but gave up her interest in magical studies. She did complete her education and still occasionally dabbles in curses (without anyone knowing), but mostly she trains her body to its limit. As her sisters talents bloomed, Hex became painfully aware of the fact that she would never be half as good as her younger sister, so it was better to not even try and be compared. Still, curses come naturally to her, though nobody but she knows just how naturally. She might just be more capable in that one area than her sister, but by the time she realized it herself, she didn’t want to take the spotlight off of her sister. It was just easier to be the brute than someone to compete with. Hexia does secretly enjoy it when her sister pulls her into some of her elaborate experiments, but doesn’t let it show.