Doll type: Withdoll Light Vera
Skin: grey
Makeup: by me
Age: ~400
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: unknown
Race: Demon
Gender: female


A magically very talented demon from an old family. As soon as she was born, it was clear that she had enormous talent, the likes of which the family hadn’t seen in a millenia. Due to her talents, her parents pushed aside her older sister, Hexia’s, education and focused on Era more. She may seem gentle and calm, but is actually driven by enormous curiosity. Her quest for knowledge has made her do magical experiments that would seem cruel to humans, but as she is a demon, she isn’t guided by the same kind of a moral compass. She is very close to her sister and much to Hexia’s dismay, has often pulled her into the experiments as well. Era wishes that Hexia would show more interest in her magical studies as well, but she is more inclined towards physical aspirations.