Doll type: Souldoll Uha
Skin: white
Makeup: by me
customizations: swapped out her torso, modded elbow nuggets
Age: 173
Birthday: May 5th (1844)
Birth place: Tomar, Portugal
Race: Human
Gender: female


Iria is a serious ‘young’ woman, yearning for a normal life and a family, which has been denied from her. She spends most of her waking hours searching for information and/or travelling. She used to be an outgoing child, excited about parties and boys, but feels that it has all been taken away from her.

Iria was born to an Irish father and a Portuguese mother in the 19th century. Her father had fallen in love with her mother and stolen her from her then-fiancé. They had eloped inland and he had bought a run-down glass factory with his family’s wealth. Her parents reconstructed the factory and began business, which soon took off. Iria had a higher middle class upbringing complete with education until she was 24. She was arranged to marry a son of a wealthy family who she did not fancy. She rebelled and ran away from home, intending to come back after a while to plead her case to her parents (she was also hoping her fiancé would find someone else in the mean time). But this was never to be.
On the road, Iria got into trouble with robbers and kidnappers and in the confusion ended up bumping into a demon. Of course, she didn’t know it was a demon at first because it was disguised, but it tricked her into drinking something that she later found out contained a curse. It only revealed itself to her on her travels when she figured out she couldn’t be killed and she did not age. She also met other demons, one of which knew more about the nature of her curse. At first, Iria thought she would quickly find the demon who gave her the curse and have him/her reverse the effect and then return to her parents. But years turned into decades and no matter where she went, she was unable to find the demon. Only rumours. After nearly two decades she finally gave up the chase for a little while and returned home in the night, only to find out that her father had been killed due to her escape and her mother had been married off to another man. In her guilt she was unable to reveal herself to her mother -and she might’ve been accused of being a witch anyway, seeing as she had not aged a day in 20 years.

Later on Iria continued her journey to find the demon that cursed her, or any method to remove the curse… (More of this later)