Head type: Soom Onyx
Body type: Super gem female w/ Vesuvia tail
Skin: white
Customizations: hand mod
Age: ~3000
Birthday: unkown
Birth place: unknown
Race: Demon (Arachnid, Descendant to the ancients)
Gender: female


Seere is a high-level arachnid demon, a direct descendant of the Demon Prince Seere (of the 72 original demons). Her ancestors came to this world roughly 4000 BC, 3000 years before her birth. She used to be extremely proud of her blood heritage but watching her people ruin themself during her youth, changed her views. Seere no longer cares about nobility or blood rank and always refuses any offers given to her by demon organizations that seek her membership. She has lived this long by not getting mixed up in politics and by not attempting to gain power.

Seere was independent by nature when she was born, and all her years or living have made her even more so. She is not evil, nor is she good, more than anything she is indifferent to the world. She knows she could use all her effort to change things and it would be of not use, so she has chosen to accept things as they are and go with the flow. However, she does control things relating to her own life.

Seere loves the company of good-looking and interesting men. They are the one thing in her life that she has always enjoyed and that she never gets bored of. And once she finds someone she wants, she will not give up until she has him.

Seere’s ancestor’s original world was ruined and the surviving members of the clan had to leave the dimension. They came to here in the area of Ancient Egyptian civilization several hundred years before the tribes in Upper and Lower Egypt coalesced. Her ancestors mixed with the humans and other demons of the area and became a part of the Ancient Egyptian civilization (hiding their demon presence from most humans). They lived in the midst of the humans, mixing with other demons, and somewhere along the way arachnid blood got mixed in the Demon Prince’s bloodline.
At around 2000BC with the establishment of Middle Kingdom of Egypt some of her ancestors decided they’d been in the area long enough and went on a search of new cultures. They found their way to China (at around Xia Dynasty) and settled there. Seere’s actual (grand)parents stayed in Egypt, though, as they tried to keep the bloodline as pure as possible, not wanting more corruption from other areas.

The pinnacle of the Egyptian civilization came and went and her people stayed in the area, hiding within the local populace, until she was born around 1000BC. She lived out her youth in Egypt under the rule of the Pharaohs (she describes this time as magnificent, although she’s ashamed of her young self), until Egypt got thrown into war with the Assyrians about 300 years later. This is when most of what was left of her people decided it was time to leave the area for good. They, along with Seere, travelled to China (Zhou Dynasty) to find the relatives that had left 1300 years earlier. Not an easy task, as they’d mixed with the local culture (and demons) and only some of the eldest remembered their time in Egypt. A few of Seere’s small troop weren’t too keen on the culture, though, and decided to cross the ocean after hearing rumors of another culture of interest. By this point in time none of the original demons that came to this world were around anymore -they’d died of old age and the rest had been killed in battle. Seere had only been left with stories of their original homeland. And although she had loved Egypt over everything else, she longed more to find a place that resembled her homeland from the stories she’d been told.

Seere spent about a 1000 years in China and other parts of Asia, while most of her people fell into ruin. They mixed with humans and died off, and/or got killed by other demons. Seere hated what they had let themselves become. At around year 300~400, she had finally had enough of China and decided to journey across the ocean, following the rumors and talk of the peaking civilization in that direction. She stepped right into the peak of the Mayan civilization and it was love at first sight. Their culture resembled the stories she had heard of her homeland and she fit right in. She failed to contact the ancient relatives that had arrived at the time she’d relocated to China, but it didn’t bother her too much.

Seere loved the Mayan people, but not as much as she had loved Egyptians. And as she grew older, she found that she was not the type to stay still and turn into the people she was around. There was always a wall between her and the humans, and an even thicker wall between her and other demons. So, about 400-500 years later, sometime in the 8th century she sailed across the ocean again, her destination the Eastern Roman Empire. But she ended up in Northern Europe by some stroke of luck and was thrown right in the middle of the Viking era. There was something strangely alluring to their ways and Seere immediately liked their rough and brutish manners. The death, mayhem and terror had to have something to do with it as well. Seere was not evil, but she was not human either, and thus had not been blessed with the same kind of conscience as humans. She spent a long 400 hundred years in Northern (and other parts of) Europe, following the changes that were happening all around her.

In the late 13th century she returned to the ‘New world’ to see how the Mayans had developed, and ran across the Incas and Aztecs as well. This time, instead of finding a town and settling down, she kept on the move. She was no longer who she had been in her youth and could not relate well with others at all. It was also here, that she met Khepre for the first time*
Seere, not being able to settle down, travelled back to Europe in the early 16th Century as the cultures she loved began falling to the Spanish conquerors.
* More about this later

Seere has spent the past 500 years in Europe. She’s mostly lived in all of the big cities and moved whenever people had started taken notice of the fact that weird things happened around her and/or that she didn’t age. And then she’d return again decades later when nobody no longer remembered her.

More details about her European past coming later…