Doll type: Souldoll Paratiisi
Skin: white
Makeup: by me
customizations: none
Age: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: unknown
Race: Valkyrie
Gender: female


Sigrun is a Valkyrie, charged with guiding the souls of those fallen in battle into the afterlife. Hers is a lonely existence; she senses those about to die and goes where they are and waits for them to pass. Once they are dead, she takes their souls to whichever afterlife they deserve. Her life is for the dead, though she does have the occasional company of her husband and the gatekeepers to the afterlife. However, she mostly lives in a world of her own: staying inside her own head for long periods of time without uttering a world. There’s nobody in the whole universe who can completely understand her, and yet most are charmed by her looks.