Other names: Mara(ma), Maramayami, Anansi, Jourougumo and many others
Doll type: Souldoll Shiva
Skin: grey
Makeup: by me
customizations: added a third pair of arms to her back
Age: unknown
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: Southern Asia (somewhere in the India -area)
Race: Demon (Arachnid)
Gender: female


Yami is a giant spider demon, taking the form of a six-armed woman. She is very similar to Seere but her bloodline hasn’t been confirmed to be related to her or any of the original demons. She’s not one for the past and lives in the present. She will move whenever she bores of her current location and take her treasures with her. She is very good at luring prey in and trapping them into her cave until they give her what she wants (which is either food, treasures or stories to relieve her boredom). Because of this, she hardly leaves her lair but many seek to speak to her, as she has come to acquire knowledge -more than she is interested in, actually. She loves all things expensive and blue and hoards them in her lair. Most of the treasure is hidden, but she keeps her current favorite pieces where she can see them every day. Yami also loves to be both worshipped and revered and thus prefers to dwell where superstitions still hold foot.