Doll type: Soom Onyx
Skin: cream white
Makeup: by me
customizations: none
Age: a few centuries
Birthday: mid-winter
Birth place: a lake somewhere
Race: siren
Gender: female


Sirens are a very secretive race, living in bodies of water all over the world. This particular one hasn’t revealed her name to anyone, so she is just known as Siren. She was born deep in a calm forest pond a long time ago, and has the ability to traverse similar freshwater bodies through the mud at the very bottom, as long as it’s deep enough. From ponds and lakes, she sometimes swims into larger forest streams and rivers to enjoy the sounds and lure the occasional forest traveler into their doom (she drowns them and eats their lifeforce). She makes a hobby of luring men into lakes and rivers during human celebrations when they are loud and easy prey. During winter she sleeps in the mud of a lake bed undisturbed by what is happening above the ice. But once the weather starts warming up, she often wakes and comes up for a little while to see the ice and snow, which doesn’t exist at the bottom. Because she was born in winter, she is used to very cold conditions and the +4°C at the lake bed is optimal for her. Too hot and she won’t be able to survive for long; too cold and she freezes. This is why she spends most of her time at the bottom of lakes and ponds.