Doll type: Soom Sard
Skin: cream white
Makeup: by me
customizations: none
Age: ~1100
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: unknown
Race: Demon (Hunter, Shapeshifter, Descendant to the Ancients)
Gender: male


Kilbas was born and bred to be of service to The Clan. He is a direct descendant of Count Marax, one of the original 72 demons, and one of the very few purebloods left. He is a very talented shapeshifter capable of not only shifting parts of his body into animals and magical creatures, he is also able to shift his whole body into something with its own consciousness (while his own sleeps within the new form). His whole life he has been in the service of the Clan, and once he completed his training (roughly 800 years ago) he was assigned a world of his own. He alone protects this world from demons of other realms, but while most Hunters take pride in their work and think only of the Clan, Kilbas is different. He no longer much cares for the Clan, but does his duty because it’s less troublesome that way. He puts up a front but in reality his priority is himself and keeping his peaceful lifestyle of hunting and living in the biggest forest on Earth. Kilbas is a protector of humans and other creatures born in this world, but he really doesn’t think much of them. Humans are systematically destroying their own world and the only place he calls home. If it wasn’t too troublesome and the clan wouldn’t come down on him, he might’ve actually killed them all off centuries ago. Kilbas has his own priorities and one of the only creatures he actually likes is Enki.