Doll type: Soom Glati
Skin: cream white
Makeup: by me
customizations: none
Age: ageless
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: unknown
Race: forest spirit
Gender: genderless


Enki is the embodiment of the forest. He only exist in it (he physically cannot leave) and for as long as the forest does. He came to existence as a spirit when a batch of trees developed into a forest and he will cease to exist if the forest does. Enki is one with the trees, he hears their voice and understands every growing thing within the forest. The whole place is his heart and his body. However, each piece of the forest has its purpose and its own will, as does Enki. He loves everything that’s been born in the forest and those outsiders that treat it with respect and reverence. He appears as a small creature, absorbing features from other living things he sees, as technically he doesn’t have a form of his own.
Enki is very fond of Kilbas, although he wasn’t born in the forest. But Kilbas is (don’t tell anyone) actually kind and respectful towards the forest, especially the trees. (Even his touch is gentle, but he will never admit it.)