Doll type: Soom Chrom
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
customizations: none
Age: ~2000
Birthday: unknown
Birth place: A world that is now dead
Race: Demon of magicks
Gender: male


Llyr was created long ago with magics in a world that no longer exists. He was never born, so he cannot die, but he will cease to exist once the magics in his body dissipate. The fact that he has lived this long tells much of his creator -and also those who have helped him along the way. Originally he could’ve drawn in power from his own world for as long as he lived there, but as every creature the the world did the same, they eventually drained the planet of its stength and it died. Llyr wasn’t very old when he had to leave and doesn’t remember much of his childhood. What he remembers is being hunted by the Clan, no matter which world he settled in. He had to learn magics to hide himself and eventually started helping others do the same.