Full name: Chun Yen
Head type: Dream of Doll Tender Yen
Body type:
Skin: normal
Makeup: by me
Birthday: 22/06
Birth place: Busan, South Korea
Age: 18
Gender: Male


Yen is quite independent and and quiet. He doesn’t like to be around a lot of people. He doesn’t talk that much either and when he does, he expresses his opinion quite bluntly.

Some people find him very cold hearted, but that’s just how he wants to be seen… or doesn’t care if he’s seen that way. I guess this is because of all the things that have happened in his past. If you know him better you do know that he is actually really sweet and kind hearted -not to mention romantic.

He has a good fashion sense and will not wear anything that he doesn’t like. Most of the colours you’ll see him wearing are black, white, dark red and dark blue. Actually any colour is fine as long as the cloth itself is stylish.
What he really dislikes are people who seem irresponsible (Shige) and don’t seem to care much about anyone.

Yen lived in Korea in his family house up until he came to Finland. He basically lived alone, the only company he had were his servants, since his parents were always travelling. Needless to say that the family was rich and Yen was brought up very well. He was never interested in his family’s’ money and he refused to go to a private school. His parents did want him to at least learn some sort of martial arts, like his father and his father had before him, call it a family tradition. And as an obedient child Yen took up Taek Won Do, just to make up for the fact that he didn’t go to a private school. Yen also hates his parents, especially his father the reason for this, however, is unknown.
Yen used to be outgoing and speak his mind but he changed in junior high. Lots of girls admired him and he was quite popular with them. He had a few girlfriends but soon learned that they were only after his money or some popularity. They thought that Yen would buy them expensive gifts and that they would get more popular by dating him. However, he didn’t buy them gifts, not anything big at least, an occasional flower, but nothing too fancy. Yen wasn’t the kind of guy who wanted to spent the money he hadn’t earned himself.

There is also another part of Yen’s past that troubles him. At a very young age he found out that he actually has a little sister, named Soo Rang. His parents, however, never talked about it and so he never brought it up. His parents never found out that he knew of this mystery sister either. The only person he ever told about her was Cin, his best friend, who has helped him to look for her for many years now.
The one who found her wasn’t Yen or Cin, though, it was his landlord. And thus, Soo Rang, now known as Chieko, was invited to Finland.